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    Volume 4

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    Follows Manhunter (1988) and Manhunter (1994).

    The series has been collected in trades:

    Federal Prosecutor Kate Spencer was the latest hero to use the Manhunter name, as writer Marc Andreyko and penciller Jesus Saiz gave the world a very different take on the hero, with only minor links to those who had gone before.

    Kate, a prosecutor, became a ruthless vigilante after watching yet another super powered criminal escape justice - the mutated cannibal known as Copperhead. After Copperhead avoided the death penalty and escaped from police custody, Spencer stole impounded equipment (including a Darkstar powersuit and a staff that chiefly came from 1980s Manhunter Mark Shaw) to help her track down and kill Copperhead. As a chain-smoking mother who put her job before her child, and with a dramatic costume that covered her whole body, this Manhunter was a fresh take on super heroes and gained a loyal following throughout its 38 issue run.


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