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Farewell Manhunter

Among my favorite female superheroes, Kate Spencer was one of the best. And the reason was because her "super" side didn't come from metagenes, alien origin, accidents or whatever. She was a normal woman that just wanted justice in her world.

And when she was not wearing her suit, she was not only a respected lawyer but also a single mom that was not portrayed as a perfect human being but one with flaws balanced with heroic actions and maybe that's why I like her so much. When she returned, fighting in Ciudad Juarez - a city known for its high number of crimes against women and unsolved murders - I really loved how Andreyko put this issue out to the open, and he chose the perfect title: Forgotten. 

Anyway, Andreyko promised more of Manhunter in the DCU for this 2009 and I'll be eagerly expecting her. If you haven't read Manhunter yet, I truly recommend it :)

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