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    The in-house superhero of the Manhattan Guardian newspaper and member of the Seven Soldiers of Victory

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    This article is about the Seven Soldiers character with the name Guardian. For the first and current Guardian, see Guardian. For the second person to use the name, see Malcolm Duncan.


    A police officer in New York City, Jake Jordan abruptly quit after accidentally shooting 13-year-old Tyree Plantain, who he had believed was the drug dealer who had shot his partner. He spent two years depressed and unemployed, unable to move on from his mistake. He was encouraged by his girlfriend's father to apply for the position of the Guardian, the in-house superhero of Ed Stargard's Manhattan Guardian newspaper.


    Jake Jordan was created by Grant Morrison and Cameron Stewart. He made his first appearance in Seven Soldiers: Guardian #1. He is based on the original Guardian, Jim Harper.

    Major Story Arcs

    Seven Soldiers of Victory

    Jordan successfully completes the interview for the Guardian position by defeating a mock terrorist situation in Guardian Heights. For his first mission, he is sent by Stargard to investigate reports of pirates in the subways. Realizing that his girlfriend Carla and her father Larry are at the site of the latest pirate raid, he speeds to the stop and attempts to pursue the pirates, the Sun Lubbers, into the tunnels. He is shaken off by them, but picked up by another crew, the Dead Dogs, and joins them in an assault on the Sun Lubbers, successfully rescuing Carla and several other hostages, and returning to the surface. Despite this, he and Carla fall out, due to the death of her father in the raid. He is later sent to Century Hollow, where the robots have turned on the tourists. He fights and manages to defeat the robots, saving the tourists and staff members. He returns to Guardian Heights, planning to quit the job, but is convinced to stay by Stargard, who reveals his grotesque physical condition and his history as a member of the Newsboy Army. He explains the coming threat of the Sheeda, and that Jordan is a member of the Seven Soldiers, a group of heroes who have never met but who are destined to save the world. During the Sheeda attack, Jake wades into the chaos to fight. During the fighting, he finds Carla, and the pair reconcile as the harrowing comes to an end.

    Powers and Abilities

    Jake Jordan has no known superhuman powers or abilities. He is a trained police officer, and has extensive experience in armed and unarmed combat. He is in excellent physical shape. He also has investigative experience.

    Weapons and Equipment

    Jake Jordan wears a protective suit of armour that makes him resistant to blunt force and ballistic injury. He carries a golden shield which he can use offensively and defensively. He also carries a nightstick on his belt.


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