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    Mangog is a tulpa begotten of the fury from a mysterious Alien race. Supposedly said to be the manifestation of their unending fury towards Odin and Asgard born of the combined hatred of these billion billion murdered beings. Mangog is a powerful enemy of Odin, a dire threat to Asgard, and one of Thor's deadliest foes.

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    Mangog made his first appearance in the Marvel Universe in July 1968 in The Mighty Thor #154. After Thor knocked Ulik into the Abyss of Shadows, in order to save his life he grabs on a small cliff where he finds a mystical cliff, seeping with Odin power that says "Let no living being destruct what lies within by the order of Imperial Odin". Thinking that anyone who is an enemy to Asgard would be an ally to him, he moves the Enchantment blocking the path, thereby freeing Mangog for the first time. Mangog explains that he is the very embodiment of an entire mysterious race, that once fought Asgard and it was Odin who killed them and Mangog was created out of their combined hatred, fueling him with the strength of billion billion beings. This is later revealed to be slightly untrue in The Mighty Thor #157 where Odin reveals that Odin did not kill the said race but rather used Odinspell to trap the beings into a mystical prison and it was the prison itself that took the form of Mangog.

    Getting back to Thor #154 Ulik asks Mangog to join him which he refuses explaining how Mangog knows no gratitude or mercy and that he is the enemy of "all who live" meaning that while there is good in the universe he will always be there to object. Mangog also explain how he has only one singular purpose and that is to destroy the one who crushed his invasion force, who happens to be Odin himself. Mangog however allows Ulik to live saying Ulik might be useful to him later. At the same instance "Eternity Alarm" goes off, which presumably is the alarm system of Asgard to signal the breach of the Odin cave. The Asgardian army prepares themselves, sans Odin who is currently in Odin sleep, to face off the new threat.

    Thor and Sif are somehow alerted to the coming Ragnarok, without knowing who or what is actually coming. Thor takes Sif to Asgard only to find Loki on the imperial seat in Odin absence (because he was in the middle of Odinsleep), but they decide to let aside the petty quarrel in the face of a bigger threat. On his way to Asgard Mangog is first opposed by Storm giants who are casually swatted aside. He is then opposed by Asgardian Legion, who are all but helpless against him. They even manage to drop a multi million ton of mountain atop Mangog , which barely even slows him down. Thor enters the fight but doesnt fair any better. Knowing full well that he is outmatched, Thor buries Mangog under a volcano that barely slows him down. Mangog is coming for the Odinsword, and its said that unseating the sword would bring about the destruction of the universe (note: the sword has been taken out after this story against the Celestials and nothing of the sort happened). Asgardian army as well as their greatest weapon cant stop him and Mangog makes him way toward the Odinsword. Right before Mangog is about the pull the sword, Odin shows up and explains how Mangog's race was merely imprisoned inside in a mystical prison, a prison that became Mangog. Odin then reverses the spell , freeing the race and Mangog fades away.

    Mangog is seen next in The Mighty Thor #195. Odin banishes Loki to a black world, which turns out to be the place where Mangog is imprisoned. It is never explained how Mangog, but Loki learned of Mangog survival earlier when he was on Odin seat, wielding the Odin ring. Loki was hoping to get an alliance with Mangog, however Mangog turns against Loki and imprisons him within a crystal amber. Realizing his mistake Odin sends Thor and Warrior Three sends to get water from the Twilight Well from its guardian Kartak the Keeper. It is revealed that Odin did so because he feared nothing could stop the coming Ragnarok, caused by freeing Mangog and he wanted Thor to survive.

    The Twilight Well also reveals Thor the same thing. Mangog makes his way to Asgard slaughtering everyone in process however it is never explained how Mangog found his way to Asgard from the dark world here was imprisoned in, specially given he cannot fly. Seeing his army defeated Odin teleports entire Asgard away from the conventional space, at the edge of the universe, to prevent Mangog from destroying other worlds provided Asgard falls before him.

    Thor , using the Twilight Well, transports himself and his allies to the current location of Asgard. They confront Mangog who easily defeats Kartak the Keeper and Thor himself is helpless. Mangog then finds and grab the helpless Odin, who has been severally weakened by the earlier spell he cast to teleport Asgard away from conventional space.

    Thor and Warrior Three fight in vain against Mangog, together with Odin and few Elder Gods allied with Odin. Volstagg presents Vizir with the water of Twilight Well, which Vizir mixes with Odin's cosmic well, which has 2 effects. First the Asgard begins to move back to its rightful place and second the water rejuvenates Odin. Meanwhile Mangog unseats the Odin Sword but Odin using all his energy manages to cut off Mangog from his masters hate. This strain kills Odin but Mangog himself starts shrinking and eventually, seemingly, fades into nothingness. Odin death is recovered soon after because of the current location of Asgard not being on the conventional Asgardia space, Odin soul does not pass into Hela realm for her to claim. Thor freezes time around Odin to further delay his demise, and Odin soon recovers after Asgard is return to its rightful location.

    Mangog is later seen again in The Mighty Thor #249 where he is revealed to be pretending to be Odin ever since his arrival on Asgard, which happened in The Mighty Thor #242. Apparently after shrinking on his last appearance, Mangog still survived in a small rodent sized form, fueled by his own rage as opposed to that of a billion billion beings earlier, and was wondering around in Asgard's dungeons, however we have no mention of how he reached there to begin with. Igron , who was send to Asgard's dungeons because of his failed attempt to usurp Asgard's throne. Igron then rejuvenates Mangog with Asgardian life-force, and Mangog now can draw upon the power of Asgardians prayers and sends him disguised as Odin to Asgard when they discovered that Odin himself had vanished (which is later revealed that Odin at the time was a prisoner of extraterritorial beings called the Soul Survivors). When Thor tries to tell Asgardians that it was Mangog pretending to be Odin, Mangog , appearing as Odin, defeats Thor and ties him helpless at the Asgardian City Gate. There is some discordance within the rank, and Asgardians rebel against Odin, whom they believe has gone insane. Mangog however , still pretending to be Odin, turns Balder into a dog, Warrior Three into animals and Sif into an old lady. It was only after Mangog angrily slays Igron that he turns back into his Mangog visage. He is opposed by Thor, and is defeated because once Asgardians stop praying for Odin (or Mangog pretending to be Odin) exhausts all his energy and fades into nothingness. Balder, Warrior Three and Sif are all turned back to normal when this happens.

    Mangog is next seen in Thor Vol 2 #20 where he has allied himself with Thanos (later revealed to be a Thanosi, Thanos's clone) , however Mangog at this time seems to be his full self and there is no mention of how Mangog recovered, presumably something Thanos did. Mangog wants the completely destruction of Asgard and Earth, Thanos wants the destruction of the universe entire, and plans to do this by collecting various ancient artifacts namely: Chalice of Ruins, Map of All Ending, Fire Jewel and the Illumination stone which mixed with the tears of Designati would give Thanos awesome powers.

    Mangog first confronts Orikal and rips the Chalice of Ruins out of his chest. Thanos and Mangog comes to Asgard next for the Map of All Ending, Thanos poisons Odin and takes the map while Mangog soundly defeats Thor. Thanos and Mangog then go to Rigel home world to get the Fire Jewel and an unidentified world where the Designati was being raised to get the Illumination stone. Mangog is finally defeated when an angry Thor uses an anti-force blast inside Mangog mouth. Thanos is defeated soon after when Thor breaks the Illumination stone and Designati uses her tears to burn Thanos, killing him in process.

    Mangog is next seen in Thor Vol 2 #84 where Mangog has allied himself with Loki to fight the now massively empowered Thor as (Rune King Thor). Loki siphons most of Mangog power away for himself and now nearly powerless Mangog is faded into nothingness by Thor.

    The beast is last seen in Thunderstrike Vol 2 #3 where Mann industry is using a device that can draw energies from the Rift in order to empower an armor called the Misticator. The device is attached with Thunderstike’s hammer which makes it volatile. When the device finally explode it seemingly brings Mangog to Earth.

    Mangog is on Earth, he first confronts Gurenhilda but they don’t fight. Mangog is looking for Thor and sensing Asgardian essence he goes after Thunderstrike first but when Thunderstrikes into human form Mangog doesn’t find him worthy of pursuit. He is then confronted by Adam Mann who tries to team up with Mangog but upon proclaiming he is god, Mangog eats him. Mangog is then opposed by the Avengers who finally manage to beat him by banishing him into a star.

    But this would not be the end of Mangog. For he is soon called upon once again by Shadrak was pressured into it by the irate Sharra and K'ythri after they began to have a cosmic temper tantrum due to losing a contest of the gods.

    He could be seen emerging from a molten lava pool in The Mighty Thor Vol 3 #18 while the maddened Shadrak shudders in fear of it's coming. And again in #19 as the Phoenix Force flies by a passing beasty as it is revealed he is the Ultimate Judgement. Finding his way to old Asgard The Mighty Thor Vol 3 #700, The Mangog would chance upon the bewitched War Thor upon its soil after decapitating one of the Odinson's flying goats with it's bare hands.

    In The Mighty Thor Vol 3 #701, the two would duke it out in a magnanimous battle of cataclysmic proportions. Blows exchanged having shattered the already decimated ruin of the crumbling realm. War Thor would quickly find himself outmatched by the behemoth even armed with a hammer bearing the power of a dead reality.

    As said monster has naught but become that much more powerful than ever since his last appearance. Crushing and mangling the hammer of another universes Thor in it's palms, alongside Volstagg's hands before smashing him near off the ledge of the broken realm. Looking to squeeze the location of where the gods now reside out of him, Mangog would torment the answer out of his defeated quarry as the fallen deity hung for dear life from a narrow edge. But then Malekith the Accursed would mysteriously turn up not too long afterwards. Turning his gaze to the Dark Elf king, the malefic mage would gleefully divulge information on the location of where god fearing beast's quarry. With this information in tow the creature would jump away from asteroid to asteroid back on the hunt for the realm of the gods.


    Mangog was created by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby. The sum total of a billion billion beings of an Alien race, Mangog is a massive adversary and antagonist for the character "Thor" and first appeared in Thor #154 (1968).

    Powers and Abilities

    Mangog's power level depends on the amount of psychic energy that is feeding him at the moment. In all his incarnations it possesses virtually limitless physical strength, stamina, and durability far surpassing those of Thor, the Thing and Fin Fang Foom, among others, and is widely considered more on par with skyfathers and cosmic beings that dwell within the cosmos. He has repeatedly defeated Thor and all of the armies of Asgard in battle without sustaining injury or even being fatigued by being in combat. He has also displayed some minor magical abilities like shapeshifiting, mystic senses and energy blasts and manipulation, but he relies pretty exclusively on his overwhelming physical abilities and stats that trump many beings across the universe. He has also shown immortality.

    Mangog psychically feeds on the emotions and beliefs of other beings. In most of his appearances he feeds on hatred though he has shown to be able to feed on worship and adoration one time when he impersonated as Odin. Should he be cut off from his power source, he will shrivel up and fade into oblivion but as long as hatred is a thing, its near impossible for that to happen as for the fact that every living creature has some sort of hatred that dwells within them. While a physical being, he is vulnerable to physical assaults, but it would require on such a level that it is typically impossible for anyone to muster the necessary levels to even be able to contend or try to belong within the same battlefield with him.

    Physical Characteristics

    • Height: 12'
    • Weight: 3,500 lbs
    • Eyes: Brown
    • Hair: None

    Alternate Versions

    What If Vol 1 # 10 : What If Jane Foster Had Found The Hammer of Thor (Reality 788)

    Mangog in this reality seem exactly like Mangog from reality 616.

    While Odin was in his Odin Sleep Mangog comes to Asgard. His purpose was to avenge his race upon the Asgardians who defeated them , and he wanted to draw the Odin sword and end the universe, which is exactly identical to what happened in his first story arc.

    Mangog is opposed by Asgardian army all of whom fall before him. Thordis (Jane Foster as Thor) tried to fight Mangog in vain, Lady Sif joins the battle and falls just as well. Just as Mangog draws the Odin Sword, Odin recently awaken from his Odin sleep uses his septor to freeze Mangog limbs. Odin then explains how he put Mangog entire race with Odinspell, which he now breaks the spell to let them leave and Mangog fades away.

    Marvel Fanfair Vol 1 # 51 : The Great Terror (Reality 900651)

    In this reality Silver Surfer is trapped on Earth because of the Galactus barrier. The Kree Supreme Intelligence is looking for Sprout the child of Mantis, to try and slay the kid. When his normal army fails to defeat Silver Surfer, Supreme Intelligence beings looking for powerful tool and he finds Mangog, in the size of a rodent. Mangog restored to his normal height is send to Earth where he is opposed by Mantis and Silver Surfer both of whom find themselves completely helpless against the behemoth. Sprout himself joins the battle to stop Mangog and even he fails. Surfer then pretends to surrender against the Mangog, and once he does Mangog fades into existence because Mangog has never faced a soul this noble.

    What If Vol 2 #107 - What if Thor Ruled Asgard (Reality 983107)

    In this reality Thor is the ruler of Asgard and the possessor of Odin Force. Mangog comes to Earth, but how he manages to do so is unspecified. He is opposed by the Avengers,he is opposed by Avengers, Sif and Warrior 3 none of whom fair any better against the mighty behemoth. Thunderstrike keep fighting the best he could knowing full well he is massively outmatched. Mangog is finally defeated when Thor sends him to limbo.

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    Odin, Thor and Loki are all required to stop this behemoth, this reality tied to the many Marvel movies.

    Other Media

    Avengers Assemble (2013)

    Mangog made his appearance to the animation series of Avengers Assemble in the episode "All-fathers day". Mangog finally had a chance to get revenge on Odin since Odin was on Midgard (earth) and away from the protection of Asgard. Mangog at time was wielded "Rungnur" know as Odin's spear (Gungnir) opposite. It feeds of the Odin-force. Mangog was defeated by the avengers.


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