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    The third Mangler was originally a wrestler granted superstrength by Karl Malus. He served for a while as an enforcer.

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    Mangler appeared to be highly educated and had an extensive vocabulary.  His powers included super-strength and durability to an unknown extend. 
    He initially had various encounters with the thing, Sharon Ventura, Captain America, D-Man and Vagabond. With the exception of Cap and Vagabond, the others were too strong for him to handle. He only managed to defeat the Thing by teaming-up with Poundcakes.
    In "Captain America" #395 (December, 1991), Mangler applied for the position of chief enforcer to the Red Skull. The position was previously held by Crossbones and came with a seven-figure salary. Cutthroat and Deathstroke applied for the same position. Mother Night decided to have them fight to the death for the position.
    Mangler held his own in the battle but focused most of his efforts on Deathstroke. He failed to notice Cutthroat approaching from behind and was stabbed in the back. He endured for a while but eventually succumbed to loss of blood. He has not appeared since and is presumed deceased.


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