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At the age of twenty-five, newlyweds Makoto and Yura experienced intercourse for the first time. Now, with their first anniversary right around the corner, Makoto and Yura are just as determined to be sexually fulfilled as the day they said their vows! But fears Makoto might be cheating test Yura's trust and inhibit her libido, while their niece Jun looks for love in all the wrong places. Follow the hot young couple as they step up into love and continue getting it on...and on...and on!

Chapter Titles

  • Part 61: Makoto's Birthday
  • Part 62: It Takes All Kinds of Couples
  • Part 63: Your Breasts Feel So Good
  • Part 64: Jealousy Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
  • Part 65: In Search of True Love
  • Part 66: Drunk During Hanami
  • Part 67: Yura Gets Aggressive
  • Part 68: Their First Anniversary
  • Part 69: Boys Like Dress-Up Best
  • Part 70: That Thing Called Orgasm
  • Part 71: I Don't Want to Go Home
  • Part 72: Happy Loving to You
  • Part 73: Gone Baby Gone
  • Part 74: Yura's Mother
  • Part 75: Molester Alert
  • Part 76: Beautiful Proportioned
  • Part 77: Back to Nature
  • Part 78: Jun's Path to Love
  • Part 79: Bun in the Oven
  • Part 80: Massage Oil Hanky-Panky
  • Ask Dr. Manga Sutra
  • Additional Statistics

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