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First Mandroid battle suits.
First Mandroid battle suits.

Designed by Tony Stark and built by Stark International, the Mandroid armor was oringinally created forSHIELD to provide response to threats.

Although it was made with good intentions, the armors design has fallen into the hands of many villains. The armor has been used by the likes of Justin Hammer, Moses Magnum and Reverend William Stryker. During the Armor Wars, Iron Man took down the five active Mandroids.

While there are several variations of the Mandroid there are two primary designs. The

Mark I

has a more pronounced head (but is not movable). The hand units are noticeably different as well. Each hand on the Mark I has three opposible fingers with the weapons mounted in them.


Mark II

Mandroid has no pronounced head, the left arm has a claw hand and the right arm is the weapons arm. Other than the cosmetic differences and the arms all remaining systems are the same.


The Mandroids were created by Roy Thomas and Neal Adams in 1971 and first appeared in The Avengers # 94.

Armor Capabilities

Armor Type: Omniurn Steel

Defense Syster: Force Field

Life Support: Filtered Air System

Misc: Long Range Radio


Ejection System

Primary Weapon: Neuro Stunners (2)

Secondary Weapons: Lasers

Laser Torchers

Tractor Beam

In Other Media


Avengers: EMH
Avengers: EMH



Marvel Legends
Marvel Legends

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