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    Armor originally designed by Tony Stark to be used by S.H.I.E.L.D. Now used by both criminal and governmental institutions for various purposes.

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    Originally there were five Mandroids built by Stark (to be used exclusively by S.H.I.E.L.D. officers for multiple different purposes) but when Stark International was taken over by Stane International, the Mandroid models were put into mass production, and were used as security not just for Stane's operations himself, but also were sold to multiple criminal groups (as Stane had far less moralistic boundaries about who he would work with for a profit) and as such, many of these Mandroid units would be found being used by crime bosses and groups as enforcers or assassins. The schematics for the Mandroid armor were also stolen by Moses Magnum, a international weapons manufacturer and terrorist, and he created his own Mandroid's using them, through they seemed to be weaker than the standard model.

    The Mandroid's have faced off multiple times against the likes of the X-Men, The Hulk, and multiple other super hero groups since then. As well as this, multiple organisations have unofficial or modified Mandroid models: from the NYPD to Damage Control as well as the CSA, many have access to these models and commission them in situations either for protection or for non-lethal activities, like lifting heavy loads or saving citizens from dangerous situations where the average person would find impossible to recreate.

    Armor Statistics

    The Mandroid armor is massive, standing well over 8 feet and weighing more than 300lbs, making it a heavy and rather clumsy suit that was more known for its strength and size than anything to do with agility.

    The outside layer of the suit was reinforced with steel, with the secondary layer being a mix of more steel and figments to protect the body of the user inside it. The actual limbs of the body were powered and moved by powerful electrical motors (which produce about 50,000 watts of power) which allowed for the pilot to move the heavy mech without suffering from fatigue. As well as this, the electrical motors allow for the user's strength to be amplified by about 20 times on top of their average amount. Under the steel overshell, the suit was armed with sensors, which captured the movements of the pilot within the mech and reproduced them within the outer shell of the Mandroid.

    As the Mandroid was designed to be multi-purpose by Stark, it also came with a independent air supply that lasted for about 2 hours (with the main supply lasting 2 months by filtering external air around it) a high immunity to multiple forms of radiation, as well as chemical or biological threats.

    In terms of offensive capabilities, the Mandroid came with two arm mounted stun laser cannons (which were designed to be nonlethal but were modified by some to be capable of killing) which were the main weapons of the Mandroid, but it also came with a tractor beam located at the hip of the suit (which was used as a offensive weapon or as a force field against incoming attacks) and a high intensity torch powered by a laser, which was designed to cut through steel or heavy slag, but could, again, also be modified as a deadly weapon.

    In terms of the interface, the Mandroid was capable of communicating with technology around the world: through it was most effective in a localised area of communications.


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