Mandalorian Battle Armor

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    Armor worn by such individuals as Boba Fett, Jango Fett, Jaster Mereel, Dred Priest, and other Mandalorian Super Commandos.

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    Crusader Armor

    Oldest known type of Mandalorian armor.

    Wearers of this armor:

    Neo-Crusader Armor

    Armor worn by Cassus Fett and other Mandalorians during the KOTOR era.

    Wearers of this armor:

    Death Watch Armor

    Worn by Vizsla and his Mandalorian Death Watch during the Mandalorian Wars.

    Wearers of this armor:

    True Mandalorians Armor

    Probably the best known form of Mandalorian armor was worn by Jaster Mereel's "True Mandalorians" This armor was notably worn by Jango Fett, Boba Fett, Jaster Mereel, Dred Priest, and numerous other Mandalorians prior to during and following the Clone Wars era.

    Wearers of this armor:

    Properties and Characteristics of Mandalorian Armor

    The appearance of Mandaloraian armor has always been changing over the eras. The very first set of Mandalorian armor was reminiscent of the Tuang, an humanoid species that were the first Mandalorians. Mandalorians will often decorate their armor to reflect their achievements, their clan affiliation, and/or their personal taste and preferences. It also very common for a Mandalorian to paint his or her armor to show what clan they belong to or to help them blend in with their terrain. Sometimes the color they chose had a specific meaning.

    During the clone wars and after the clone wars, a Mandalorian would sometime paint his/her armor:

    • grey = mourning a lost love
    • red = honoring a father
    • black = justice
    • gold = vengeance
    • green = duty
    • blue = reliability
    • orange = lust for life

    But this is not always the case, as a Mandalorian may choose the color red or another color just because he/she liked the color.

    Regardless of their armors decorations or armor coloring, the one trademark that all sets of Mandalorian armor share is the distinctive t-visor that marks them all as Mandalorians. Mandalorian helmets also have an advanced hud display. A common upgrade found on a mandalorian helm is the rangefinder which is attached to the side of the helmet which was capable of tracking up to 30 targets. Notable mandalorians like Boba and Jango Fett had this upgrade. The helm also had a battle computer built into it that allowed the user to control the suit sensors and the suits built in weapons and jetpack via verbal commands if the mandalorian decided to add these additional suit features.

    During the clone wars, Jango Fett unwittingly exposed a weak point in mandalorian armor. Since Jango Fett's death, this weakness in the armor was fixed by the addition of a collar piece that would help protect the mandalorian from rapid and sudden decapitations.

    Mandalorian helmets also included motion sensors, an encrypted com-link and a broadband antenna that allowed the helmets built in computer to communicate with the Mandalorians private ship and weapons. Sometimes, the t-shaped visor plate will include a different variety of visions including heat vision. An built in eye sensor in the helmet with an internal overlay display will provide a Mandalorian with tracking information within a 360-degree radius. Mandalorian helmets often came with a built-in filtration system along an air reserve tank that could provide up to 2 hours of air.

    The preferred material used when crafting Mandalorian armor is the famous Mandalorian iron. Mandalorian iron is incredibly durable, able to resist strikes from a lightsaber and withstand blaster fire. However, Mandalorians do not always have access to Mandalorian iron and are sometimes forced to used other materials. The galactic empire made it extremely difficult if not impossible to acquire Mandalorian iron as they had taken over all major sources of the rare and expensive material on the planet of Mandalore so Mandalorians like the famous Boba Fett were forced to use lesser material like durasteel in the construction of their suits. The empire mined almost all of the sources of Mandalorian iron on Mandalore so Mandalorians were still not able to obtain the Mandalorian iron they needed for their suits. This changed during the Yuuzhan-Vong war, the Vong bombed Mandalore so heavily that the craters revealed new veins of Mandalorian iron, making the material available to the Mandalorians once again.


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