Location » Mandalore appears in 12 issues.

    The home of the Mandolorians. A race of farmers and warriors and both. It holds a vast amount of beskar aka Mandalorian Iron.

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    Its Inhabitants

    Mandalore has been and continues to be the home of the Mandalorians. Most famous of which are Jango and Boba Fett, the 'Vhett ( how its pronounced in mandalorian) clan has been continuously powerful and both Jango and Boba were made 'Mandalore' which is essentially an equivalent to a President. Mandalorians tend to be farmers until big wars come along when they become mercenaries for whoever is paying the most. They are widely regarded as the best bounty hunters in the galaxy and have earned that title. The mandalorians haven't had an army for quite some time, but the current 'Mandalore' Boba Fett is attempting to change that. A large amount of the emphasis in mandalorian life is in regard to the importance of family.

    Its Resources

    Mandalore is the only place in the galaxy where beskar can be found. Beskar is a rare metal ore and is one of the few things that can withstand a full on blow from a lightsaber. It is forged skilfully by the mandalorian smiths who are the only ones who know how to turn beskar into beskar'gam the armour that is worn by all Mandalorian mercenaries. It is their signature trademark as no others are permitted to use it. The only exception being Jaina Solo following training from Boba. Due to the rarity and usefulness of the armour the mandalorians have the potential to be extremely wealthy however prefer to focus on simple lives.


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