Mandalore the Indomitable

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    Mandalore The Indomitable was a Mandalorian warlord who lived around 4,000 BBY. He was friend of Exar Kun and Ulic Qel Droma during the Sith War.

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    Mandalore the Indomitable was the warlord of his world, in the time 4000 BBY. He sought to take over  Ulic qel Droma's empire and challenged him to a duel, threatening him with terrible conscequences if Ulic did not accept. 
    Ulic accepted and Mandalore battled him on his own planet. Despite all the advantages that Mandalore had taken away from Ulic, he was still defeated due to Ulic's superior skill with weapons. Mandalore requested to be slain, but Ulic appointed him as his general and adviser. 
    After taking over the Great Republic Shipyard at Foerost, Ulic prepared to launch a strike against the  Republic. Exar Kun's warning fell upon deaf ears. Mandalore travelled with Ulic and his lover,  Aleema Keto, to Coruscant. They had enough forces to bring down the mighty Republic. But Ulic tried to find his own way into the defense headquarters. Aleema seized this chance to have Ulic's empire for herself. She ordered Mandalore to call back his forces. 
    In his heart Mandalore knew that Aleema was lying when she said that Ulic had been captured. He slipped away and travelled to  Yavin-4. He met  Exar Kun and requested his help to free Ulic. Exar travelled with him to Coruscant. They had a brief battle with the Jedi forces and succeeded in freeing Ulic. 
    Coming back, Mandalore revealed to Ulic, Aleema's treachery. Ulic decided to get rid of her. He sent her to destroy Kemplex-9 in Naga Sadow's spaceship. As the Jedi followed her, she triggered Naga's super weapon. But the result caused a supernova that destroyed her along with the Jedi. 
    Ulic then sent Mandalore to  Onderon (home of the deceased Dark Jedi  Freedon Nadd) to conquer the planet for the Sith. Mandalore brought a massive army with him. But the then ruler,  Oron Kira sent an equally formidable opposition force against Mandalore. Mandalore's army was defeated. Somehow, he escaped to the planet's moon, Dxun. Getting down in the dense forest, he was attacked by ferocious beast and killed. Another Mandalorian warrior found his mask and became the next Mandalore.

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