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The gem is considered to be one of the oldest, most powerful minerals known throughout the universe and is a highly coveted rarity among an interstellar treasury. It's unique composition enable the object access and generation of phenomenal cosmic energies, while it's origins are shrouded in mystery people believe the element was created through Celestial Technologies as clarified by the Mad Titan Thanos; Once it belonged to the the Spartax Empire but was stashed away upon one of its many outposts in their star systems after the then current Emperor J'son had been removed from power. Causing the once proud universal superpower to fall into anarchy, with news of these happenings all manner of tyrants and despots put out a search warrant for the retrieval of said gem to countless lawless brigands and space pirates looking to make a massive payday. None of whom were more covetous and ruthless than the enigmic crime lord Mister Knife, once after having succeeded in an initially botched attempt to snatch the Mandalay from a Spartoi Orphanage under invasion by a Badoon pirate crew. Peter J'son Quill made off with his prize and escaped captivity aboard their vessel all so he could utilize it as a weapon as he did battle with a dangerous aforementioned Eternal upon the moon, in order to make up for past crimes. While the conflict was left inconclusive Star Lord eventually cast aside the Gem upon the barren surface of Earth's orbiting astral body, the device hasn't been seen or touched upon since.

Powers and Abilities

Being crafted of Celestial Technology in it's beginning, the Mandalay Gem has access to vast repositories of Cosmic Energy. Energies which enable the protection of its wearer through a cosmic aura capable of withstanding high power energy attacks and to a less effective degree; against physical attacks as well. Said bodily field can also bestow increased physical capabilities to the user along with self-sustenance to survive the endless expanse of outer space along with interstellar travel, the wielder of the Gem can also fire that same energy as beams of great power and force or focus it into energized melee blows that can stagger the likes of Thanos. It is speculated that it could even cause the destruction of a planetary satellite and quite possibly an entire star system.

Known Possessors of the Gem

Celestials - Creators of the Mandalay Gem. It stands to reason that it was theirs at one time.

Spartax - Was once in the possession of the Spartoi empire until it's recent dissolution after the impeachment of former emperor J'son.

Badoon - Pirate Crew splinter group which Intended to steal the Gem from a Spartoi outpost orphanage and sell it to the highest bidder, but were intercepted to the device by Star Lord.

Peter Quill - Once after the Spartax Emporium fell into disarray, Star Lord moved in to recover the Celestial artifact before any harm came to the Orphanage it was hidden at and procure it for his use in the upcoming battle against Thanos himself.


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