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    A member of Gemini, Iman Dashire have power over an unspecified energy dimension. She can open small portarls for teleport herself, destroy things or summon energy for direct blasts. She is European with Indian descent.

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    Marvel Italia

    Born in Italy in the month of June [under the Zodiacal sign of Gemini], Iman Dashire, son of a French couple with Indian descendant, was killed the same day by the "Meta-Impulse", a cosmic-demoniac energy relased by Nosferath entering our dimension. Along with the young girl, the "Meta-Impulse" kill all the others babies in the nursery and transform into deformed monsters all the people in the hospital and in near area.

    Resurrected by the power of the Nosferath, Iman was take by Mr. Illusion, servant of the Nosferath, and delivered to former M.I.5 agent and scientist Edwig Cain, who raised her as his adopted daughter [along side with other 4 childrens].

    Iman grow up under the guide and training of Ewig Cain, unknowing her true story, the origin of her powers, the secret of the Nosferath and the destiny of her true parents [that may or maybe not dead] and at last she become a Super-Hero under the codename of Mandala, member of the newly formed anti-terrorist team Gemini assembled by her adoptive father.

    Mandala seem have a quite incoerent personality, appearing shy and innocent in ordinary life and in relation with her teammate, while being a arrogant and a bit sadistic in combat [Agent Lancelot of S.H.I.E.L.D. note how she love playing cat and mouse with enemy, while in training sessions]. This, along with her strange powers related to an obscure dimension and her Indian custom give her the definiton of "a Mistery called Mandala".

    She seem to have some love interest for is teammate an "adopted brother" Suede, which may return the same interest. Anyway, the incoerent personality of Mandala and the emotional insicurity of Suede keep them still separated.

    When Alma Matrix and the Nosferath take over the Gemini Base of Vera Croce, Mandala and Balance where caught by surprise while in relax-time, but where saved by Suede. Trying to escape the base of Vera Croce, the three where attacked by Nosferath and Alma Matrix and taken prisoner.

    After the final battle with the Nosferath and the intervention of The Voyager, the exact destiny of Balance remain unknown, but from Marvel Official Database seem clear that she and the others members of Gemini are still operating as superheroes in Italy


    Mandala have access to a mysterious energy dimension, perhaps the same where Nosferath was imprisoned before the Meta-Impulse, and may open small portal in it. White that portal, she may drawn energy, shooting blast from her hand or directly from one or more of this "space hole". She may also open it directly over matter, destroing them. It's also possible that she may do this on a living creature, but the attack will easly result fatal for the target, so she have never used her power in such way yet. Also, se may use one of this "space hole" to teleport herself short-distance, being able to shot energy from hand while still only half out of the hole.

    She may also have a large set of skills, due to his training at the base of Vera Croce [which is a Euromind/S.H.I.E.L.D. base] but she showed some problem understunding technology.

    Anyway, as for the others members of Gemini, the full extension and form of her powers is not clear due of the their magic/demonic/cosmic origins and nature.


    While all the members of Gemini must be considered italians [since birth, rebirth grown up and working in and for Italy], Iman Dashire have been signed as French in some Official Marvel Database, since daughter of French. Is possible that her parents are still alive and have found her after the "Meta-Impulse Incident", so she have at least two Citizenship, French and Italian [and maybe Indian]


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