Character » Manbot appears in 36 issues.

    Manbot has a human head and a large robotic chassis with two legs but no arms.

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    Little is known of Manbot's previous life, except for his name, Bernie Lachenay, and that he worked for Department H before being bonded with a Box robot. During the newly reassembled Alpha Flight´s first few missions, Manbot secretly recorded the activities for later study back at the Department. After the restructuring of the Department that followed the apparent death of a high-ranking official, Manbot was no longer utilized in such a covert manner and has since been reassigned to the training team Beta Flight.


    Manbot possesed various powers due to his robotic chassis, these included but not limited to Energy blasts, Chi-Omnicron guided missles, Nerve toxin M-11, Silent communication via radio link and In addition to flight, Manbot could also turn his legs into rollers high speed along the ground. His strength level has estimated to be 75-100 tons but his limits could be well beyond that.

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