Manannan mac Lir

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    Manannán mac Lir is the god of the sea in Celtic Mythology.

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    Aquaman Comics

    "Manannán mac Lir, am I. What I wish to hide, I cloak in mists. What I wish to know, is known to me. With my swords I cut through lies and show him truth."

    One of the Sea Gods of the World that lived on the Island of Unspoken Water. He was claiming a hero to face Namma. After his victory against her, he recognizes Aquaman as his equal and travels with him to Amnesty Bay, where he establishes his residence in the old lighthouse of Amnesty. He becomes the guardian of Arthur and Mera's daughter, Princess Andy, along with the rest of the marine deities aided by Aquaman.

    This character is an adaptation of different religious texts, myths and folklores made by Kelly Sue DeConnik in the pages of Aquaman.


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