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Manthing is about as ugly as he is himself 0

Wow. I was getting ready to see this film thinking ok I know this won't be good but how bad can it be. And found out it was even worse than i had originally thought it would be. It is suprising this film has even been in theaters it seems more like one of those cheap low budget movies just created by the Sci Fi channel but no this actually showed in theaters. The movie starts out with some indian guy I think talking about how evil oil drillers are and automatically laugh to myself thinking oh my...

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Oozing in Bad Taste 0

Life often imitates art. Basically if there is anything, remotely successful—someone will try and rip it off sooner or later. There are those who proclaim that Marvel based this muck monster off of DC’s Swamp Thing and vice versa but the truth of the matter is that it’s an example of strange synchronicity that both companies published stories about shambling swamp monsters created from a man killed in a swamp and rising as a mass of vengeance obsessed vegetation within a month ...

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