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Height: 6'2"

Weight: 205lbs

Eyes: Green

Hair: Black


Golden Age Origin
Mars, the God of War, was so admiring of the German efforts during World War II that he created a being to work for them. Unfortunately for the Germans, Mars was a moron and put this being in Dayton, Ohio. Using the real name of Clay Carter, Man of War goes on to fight for America, both at home and abroad. He has super-human strength and resistance to damage.  The Flaming Sword of Mars is capable of cutting through anything.

The Protectors
Clay Carter was a college student when he learned that a group of terrorists in Tehran have raided the American embassy and kidnapped the people there. Clay grew frustrated and wished that he had a way to serve his country. Suddenly he was visited by the Roman god of war, Mars. Mars imbued Clay with superhuman abilities that are directly linked to the planets. He has since taken an active interest in astronomy to learn about the planets, thereby learning more about his powers. Man of War became the leader of the Protectors. He was ousted of his leadership after the battle against Extreme. While on the Protectors, Man of War developed a romantic relationship with Marcia Beckworth, the third Night Mask.

Project Superpowers
Man of War was one of the heroes trapped in the Urn of Pandora by the Fighting Yank.  After the breaking of the Urn, we see him in Washington, D.C. attemptin to stop the Black Terror's attack on the White House.


Man of War was bestowed super abilities by the Roman god of war, Mars. He is able to absorb power from the planets that enhance his strength, stamina, speed and agility to triple that of a great athlete. He also has the ability to set his sword on fire through unknown means. His greatest asset is his ability to lead, which he has done with the Protectors.


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