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Man of Steel: a fresh take on a classic character 0

Man of Steel has been getting a lot of flack from critics so far. While the movie is far from perfect, and I understand where the critiques are coming from, I feel they're not entirely grounded.You have to consider that the majority of the movie going audience is not comprised of avid comic fans. Their only understanding of the character is that presented in the TV shows and movies up until this point. If you walk into this film expecting the bright colors and optimism of the Richard Donner/Ch...

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Snyder delivers on his modern day take of the Man of Steel 0

Man of Steel ReviewSnyder delivers on his modern day take of the Man of Steel in a large way. For years fans of Superman have been pining for a chance to see The Last Son of Krypton be pitted against a villain that didn’t require trickery; someone who could go toe-to-toe with a man who is a god, for all intents and purposes, and give as good as they got without the gimmick of a certain rare and precious element showing up magically by the truckload. You can rest assured that this is the case in ...

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Bringing Superman into the 21st Century 8

I've been a fan of Superman for as long as I can recall, having grown up watching the 90's Animated series, and the earlier films, and although Batman became my favourite superhero, Superman isn't far behind. The more recent Superman films have not been kind to the Man of Tomorrow, with Superman Returns, and Superman IV: The Quest For Peace being very poor, and Superman III also not being too great. This however is the perfect time to rectify that.PlotSPOILER FREEWhen Krypton starts to destroy i...

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My Review of Superman:Man of Steel 2013 film. 0

When I was young I read the Action Comics of Superman and also it back up story of Congo Bill\Congorillia in Congo Africa. I stopped reading Action Comics in the year 2000.13 years ago. I came back to reading Action Comics in 2011 the DC New 52 series. The movie was awsome to watch and one of the best that I have seen in DC Movies in all the years. I know that there where some bad DC Comics movies and good ones like the reboot of the Batman Series 2005-2012. That was awsome. Man of Steel reboot ...

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A brilliant retelling of Superman's origin in a whole new direction 0

Alright so after a day I finally got to see the Zack Snyder directed 2013 Superman reboot 'Man of Steel'. Let me start by saying that Superman is undoubtedly THE most popular superhero ever imagined and the flagship character of DC Comics (although the Dark Knight happens to hog a lot of the spotlight these days) and Superman represents the maximum potential within us - he is everything we can become, everything positive we can achieve. We saw a lot of movies in the past which portray the Man o...

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What Does It Mean To Be A Superman? 0

Man of Steel is being positioned as another attempt by Warner Bros. to capitalize on the superhero genres prominence before it goes the way of the western. A large red and blue shot across the House of Mouse's bow. Steel largely eschews the possibility of Batman,Aquaman and the rest of the Justice League existing in this world. Save for a couple of easter eggs. Could more films happen and be in universe? Sure. Steel is about Superman first and the universe second and is better for it. Warner Br...

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A good Superman movie, with (hopefully) more to come. 0

Man of Steel has a lot riding on it. DC's flagship character's movie future hangs in the balance, not to mention whether this will eventually lead to that Justice League movie we're all craving. Despite these massive challenges, I think MoS does more than enough to set up DC's cinematic future.The film starts on Krypton and allows you to see the things that led to Kal-El being rocketed to Earth. I'm pretty sure Superman's homeworld has not been looked at this in-depth on film before, and that is...

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Superman going in the right direction. 0

Let me start by saying my personal opinion of Superman can be summed up with the word boring. So a 4/5 star from me is actually an amazing credit to the movie. However that could either mean if your a Superman nut you will LOVE it! Or if your a Superman nut you may be able to pick it apart better than I am able to. The only thing that kept me from giving a 5 star rating is I felt the plot was rushed. Even though I do think this is a better movie than the first GI JOE movie I find comparison...

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More Action than the Avengers? Relatable Superman? Yes, Man of Steel does it all! 0

Man of Steel, is the first Superman movie in seven years but does it live up to the name of Superman? Lately people have been reviewing movies based on comics harshly, and previously one of the main issues people have had with Superman, is that he isn't relatable. Man of Steel isn't like any other Superman film, it gets most things right and does fantastic job of making the Man of Steel relatable. Firstly, this is an origin story, but it is told in such a way that the viewer won't be bored,...

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What's so funny about truth, justice, and the American way? 0

so... maybe this is a great movie, or the best superhero movie for someone who doesn't know what superman is all about, for me it was a awful movie because is not superman for me, is a movie that use the name of superman but doesn't represent he.i think that the critic made in the movie superman vs the elite or kingdom come is just exactly what is happening with this movie.everyone is like alright he had to kill, he had no choice, this is a new take on superman, is a new era, he did kill before,...

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Finally, a Superman Film that Gets it Right!! 0

The Superman "S" is the second most recognizable symbol in the entire world. Only the Cross is more well known. Superman is a giant in human culture. It's only fitting that he have an equally giant movie. That's precisely what this movie is...GIANT. As compared to Chris Nolan's Batman films, The Dark Knight also gets a massive boost by Heath Ledger's Joker. Henry Cavill is not the world's greatest actor, but he is a magnificent Kal El/Clark Kent. He looks, sounds, and feels like the Superman I p...

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Utterly Speechless 0

Well, what can I say, I entered the cinema excited as always but open minded, I didnt know what to expect, and what i saw blew me away.Micheal Shannon is fantastic in the role as Zod, and Henry Cavill as Kal-el works superbly.A young boy learns that he has extraordinary powers and is not of this Earth. As a young man, he journeys to discover where he came from and what he was sent here to do. But the hero in him must emerge if he is to save the world from annihilation and become the symbol of ho...

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this movie is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...

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excited at first. 0

The begging of the movie on krypton was good, after that the movie went fully down hill.Through the rest of the movie they didn't even talk much at all about ma and pa Kent so when pa Kent died i wasn't sad at all,I actually didn't care if ma Kent died. After that, the rest was just battles, which was pretty annoying.but luckily Henry cavil a great superman which is why I give it three stars....

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Man of Steel is Amazing!!!!! 0

Superman is a character that I loved and I was so excited to see him back on the big screen and was amazed by the film. The story was different, but I liked it and thought it was a good change. The story goes of Krypton dying, but with a different change Jor-El and his wife send their son to earth, Clark dealing with his powers and learning about his past. I did like how we see Krypton and I liked how it looked. We do see Clark as a kid and teenage, while dealing with his powers and trying to h...

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Man Of Frigging Steel! 6

hey guys. so this will be my first attempt to review a DC movie, lets hope it works out.Man of SteelSo before i get into the details, this is basically a spoiler free review, and if i decide to spoil something, it will be indicated, so no worries.First things first, i am not generally a superman fan, well not a HUGE fan that is, but i enjoy his character , and i think i understand him well enough to write up a decent review or analysis. The Start of the movie explores krypton, and the events tha...

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Why did they kill General Zod 2

I think the film was all in all good but what I still cant get my head around is why they had to make Superman kill General Zod. I mean Superman doesn't kill so why start I watched a Interview with Henry Cavill where he said "The Reason we did not have any Underwear on was because we don't want kids being introduced to Superman to go Mummy why does he have his Underwear on his pants and then start doing it them selves" so if they did not want kids to wear underwear on their clothes why did they ...

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Finally... 1

Finally this movie came out (in my country), I can't describe how eagerly I've been waiting for this. So my expectations were really high. Was the movie disappointing? No, it was exactly what I hoped for. It told a story that was unexpected but respectful to the comic books. Henry Cavill did amazing job as Superman, you can't compare him to Christopher Reeve like some people do. This movie shows a very modern version of Superman that Henry is perfect for. Amy Adams was a great Lois too, althou...

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Man of Steel...It's Certainly a Movie... 0

I finally saw Man of Steel and before I just start talking I'm going to just keep it concise and to the point, it's a fine movie - it's not great, it does it's job. It's a worthy starting point for DC's Cinematic Universe and is, decent at rebooting Superman. It's of course brought to us by the directing power of Zack Snyder, written by David Goyer, and produced by Chris Nolan. It has one of the strongest casts I've seen in a superhero movie - everyone is great with the roles they're given.Henry...

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I wish there were zero stars 0

First off, if the "newest" thing is comics, comic->movies is to do "darker", "edgier" versions I guess I just don't get the appeal. Superman is a "all american" boyscout; he doesn't kill. I can't believe anybody, who's ever read a comic or watched a movie prior, would like this "reboot" - if you can call it that. Its as if they wrote this movie and at the last minute made it about a man called clark kent, who just happens to be superman. Its full of nothing but cgi, explosions, and fast camer...

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DC's stand in for 2013's Hero Film 1

2013 continues the Hero Wars between movie studios. Iron man 3, Man of Steel and the Wolverine all give decent tellings (the last two being vast improvements on earlier ones), though it is really a war between Iron Man and Man of Steel.Iron Man 3, I admit, probably did better story wise, and sales wise, but for a debuting hero who did not have a perfect casted person like Downey to play him, Man of Steel does a good job.It sets foundations for a world where Superman and Batman can exist via cam...

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Thank God, Superman was finally done right 0

Going into Man of Steel all I kept thinking was " Well I hope it's better than that last one they kid, with the island made out of kryptonite and superman being a baby daddy and for a superman movie it lacking in showing one of the greatest comic superheroes off in what he can do. Well Man of steel was a breath of fresh air and a great revamp of the character for the modern day. the story was well done and the special effects were awesome. it brought one of my favorite superheroes to life. ...

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Absolutely Amazing 0

I first heard about Man of Steel when I went to see The Dark Knight Rises in theaters last year. When I saw the huge, Nolan-ized "S" Superman logo, I became incredibly excited. However, I had never been much of a Superman fan - in fact, I genuinly disliked the character. But the more I saw, the more I trusted Nolan, Snyder, and Goyer to give Superman the same great treatment that Nolan, his brother, and Goyer gave the Dark Knight. As it turned out, my expectations for the movie weren't high enou...

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The Man of Rubber 0

A Superman movie without story, without character development and without charm. We learn nothing about the main character, about his friends, about his dreams and desires ... we learn absolutely nothing about him. Superman is just an extra, colorless and uninteresting. He is neither an alien nor a man, he is an actor who is wearing a suit. The overloaded destruction scenes gives the movie its death-blow....

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A Superman film to be remembered and seen multiple times!! 0

This movie was AWESOME. To prepare myself, I read through my copies of Earth One, Birthright, For Tomorrow, and Kingdom Come so that I would have a realistic sense of who Superman is. In my opinion, Cavill nailed it. His American accent needs some work, but hopefully he'll grow more accustomed to sounding American. Amy Adams did an OKAY job as Lois Lane. The only part I didn't like about her acting was when she's falling from the sky and she just kind of nonchalantly waves her arms and legs up a...

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Decent film, but not really what i was expecting. 0

The trailers for Man of Steel were really great, they gave audiences an idea that this new Superman film will be different and may be a deep plot driven story with a of of action to balance the plot. But to me it turned out to be more of a slugfest. The beginning was great. Krypton had a different look from what we saw in the Richard Donner films and it focused on the fact that Superman is infact an alien. The film focuses on that more, than the other films did. It gave us a new look of Krypton ...

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Awesome interpretation, but I get why you'd say otherwise... 0

I can understand why comic book fans would be totally against this movie saying that it "isn't Superman," but I was okay with this slightly different and darker interpretation, and it reminded me of Superman Earth One which is one of my favorites. I don't know if you've noticed, but the reason Superman hasn't been that hot in society is because it comes to people as cheesy, childish, and people think of him as "overpowered." In order for people to stop thinking like that, they need to see an in...

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Favourite comic book movie 0

This movie made me like superman which i never really did before. The visuals were really good, the action was the best action ever seen in a CBM,the story was really different and kinda of unpredictable and the characters were alrite except for henry cavil's superman he really had a physical presence whenever he was on screen imo he's a better superman than chris reeve....

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Superman Smallville Stylish Black Leather Jacket 0

Superman Smallville Leather JacketThe spectacular Superman Smallville Leather Jacket from drama series Smallville is now available at Desert Leather, having more than 10,000 customers. Made of 100% Real leather, it is truly a daring attire for parties, clubs and casual proceedings and as a Cosplay attire. ...

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Bright Future Ahead 11

I'm going to do it. I know this movie is almost 2 years old, but it's probably still the most talked about film on this site. People argue about this film everyday, so I decided to review it to give my opinions on the film without having to do a back and forth with another viner.I liked Man of Steel. Was it perfect? No. Honestly, I didn't like it that much when I first saw it. I blame that on the Dark Knight trilogy. After the Nolan trilogy, I compared EVERY superhero movie to TDK, and since I l...

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Man of Steel 2013 Review - First DC Movie I've Watched and I've Loved 7

So yesterday I watched Man of Steel but there was a buffering problem. I got mad so I watched it tomorrow, which is basically today.Let's get into the review. What I like, what I didn't like much, and what I loved.The ReviewStory:I can't say “Wow! This movie is original!” because, well, it's based on a comic. So I have to say, in my point of view, that it is accurate to the original story. They did well on keeping the truth to the story and the way they showed it. I have to admit tha...

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Man of Steel was awesome, simple as that. 0

Originally written 12-22-13The planet Krypton is facing its inevitable destruction which will see its race of people extinct. One scientist named Jor-El (Russell Crowe) has accepted his world's end, but he hopes to continue their race as he and his wife prepare to send their infant Kal-El to Earth. -summaryI still find it hard to believe that there's finally once again a Superman movie I can say is good, really good at that. Of all the superhero movies to come around in several years, Zack Snyd...

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2 questions 0

Hello. I'm new to this website and group. I've always liked the movie Man of Steel but have two questions. First, during the movie nothing the humans have cab hurt General Zod. As the movie progresses he becomes stronger and stronger until it seems he is as strong as Superman. At the end how was it possible that Superman was able to snap Zods neck but Zod couldn't do it to Superman. I mean during their fight scene they were flying each other through steel beams, skyscrapers,concrete with reinfor...

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