What villain would you like to see in a Man of Steel sequel

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If Man of Steel get's a sequel, what villain would you like to see? Me: I would go with Brainiac because i've always wanted to see Brainiac in a Superman movie and with CG animation these days, it could be possible.

If you're wondering who should play Brainiac, I was thinking about having Hugo Weaving or Ralph Fiennes. Hugo is good at being evil after seeing him as Red Skull in Captain America: The First Avenger and Agent Smith in The Matrix and Ralph can pull off a creepy voice and he is also good at being evil after seeing him as Voldemort in the Harry Potter movies.

I also think they should have his appearance just like his one from the comic-book mini-series: Justice and then during the final battle between him and Superman they can have him become muscular and wear armor kind of like his appearance in the animated direct-to-video movie: Superman Unbound.

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DOOMSDAY because the first one is about superman discovering his kryptonian legacy which is something I believe should be continued in the 2nd and then do braniac/lex luthor for the 3rd

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THANK YOU FLASHDAMN! However, I got different ideas. Someone finally isn't a dumb ass... Sorry, of all due respect people. Superman's greatest weakness in this series Snyder has discussed is not kryptonite... No. It's actually his own mental barriers of him wanting to be human. He must come across these barriers and accept his kryptonian side! So, because of that, there is a perfect set up for this idea...

Clearly he fights Zod and the other kryptonians in this first movie. After that, what should happen? This is a big question. I pray to GOD that Snyder does this, otherwise I'll be disappointed... Look Doomsday is Superman's biggest PHYSICAL threat he has ever faced before. He is the only thing that has ever had the ability to "kill" him... However, you need him as a tool because Doomsday is a weapon, not much of the smartest person. Nobody wants to see a movie of just Superman talking to a unresponsive monster; so we need the big brain in this... Lex Luthor. Lex is the most iconic supervillain for Superman, but the problem is he's boring... So how do we make him cool? EASY! You make him have absolute control of Doomsday! Lex uses him as the muscle to take on Superman and stop him from taking the respect of the people that Lex rather wants instead!

The story is then clear, have Superman get beaten the crap out of by Doomsday, but let Superman win with the last of his breathe... As Superman is ready to die, Lex pulls out a kryptonite blade and stabs him in the heart and pulls out his blade... Superman falls to his knees and "dies". Wait... if Superman is "dead" then what's going to be the third movie? Um, the greatest one in the trilogy! Superman is gone and the world has no hope for a savior. It's a depressing time period. Superman has been gone for awhile; and if DC has made a Justice League movie before hand then show the struggles that the other members are going through without their leader! Think of the drama and depression, until he comes back... How he comes back? Well the kryptonite may have went right through his heart, but him being exposed to sunlight whenever afterwards causes him to heal again. The explanation for Superman's long absence? A coma from the drastic measures his body has been through recently. Kryptonite is cliché and we don't want it to be overused like it has in the past, which is a hell of a good reason for Metallo not to be in these movies. The only time it should be seen is briefly with Lex and when Superman is stabbed. ONLY LEX SHOULD HOLD KRYPTONITE AND FIND OUT IT'S SECRETS!

So Superman only comes back though because he is finally awake, but very unsure of what has happened since he was gone. The bad thing is before Superman has arrived back to Metropolis, he has realized that it is damaged... The reason is because Brainiac has been hear watching over earth for a couple of months. Brainiac in this movie can be interrupted like he was in Superman Unbound. Brainiac has been on a search for more knowledge and has came across earth... He spends his time in his ship, and only his ship, trying to understand earth's people. So, when Superman was in his coma, Brainiac wanted to understand people by creating a new Superman... This Superman was cloned by Brainiac somehow and he creates him so he can manipulate the people of earth without leaving his ship, even though he has an entire army, he rather used a believable Superman so earth is weaker than before... This allows him to easily invade and make them feel betrayed. Superman has to go off and see if earth is okay, but he leaves his recovery time from his coma a bit too early, and still needed more solar radiation to recover completely...

The question is, what happened to Lex from the previous movie? Well Lex has became president! Yes he's president, but was not happy with the return of Superman. Little did he know that it was Brainiac's Superman and that Superman kills Lex scaring the people of earth and showing the darkness behind himself... Now clearly we don't want to make this so super cliché, so it is Warner Bros. job to introduce all these ideas with surprise as soon as Superman finds out, we find out. We see everything through Superman's eyes at this point. So with earth being controlled by "Superman", whom is being controlled by Brainiac, the real Superman comes back... The earth is now confused and doesn't know who to trust so the real Superman starts to notice a flow with this clone... It's somewhat... Bizarre... Since Superman's genetic good nature is well, too natural for him, the clone is programmed otherwise, he malfunctions into a dumb rock head named Bizarro! So the world then sees this going on as they first turned against the real Superman and he has been running from them and figuring out what has been going on; the people of earth finally see the truth behind Bizarro.

Now the whole Bizarro concept should be introduced in the third movie because we don't want kryptonians back to back from the first and second movie. With Brainiac being a genius cyborg alien conqueror, it makes sense that he could clone Superman and that it would be just as malfunctioning as the computer chip that stores his own intelligence. Brainiac is the true villain of this movie once Superman beats Bizarro quickly somewhere in the mid beginning of the movie. As the earth is then invaded by Brainiacs strong alien army, Superman is overwhelmed and tries to defeat these foes, which he eventually does, but remember that Superman has left his recovery time from his coma early and is NOT mentally stable, so he has a hard time defeating them.

The primary purpose of this movie though is Brainiac. Bizarro isn't a big deal in the movie, he's very small in fact, because with a villain as powerful as Brainiac, Superman goes through enough as is, and is already his deadliest foe. The thing about Brainiac is that he and his ship are one, he does not leave his ship because he gains information from planets in his "bottled up" idea of their information. What he does not realize is that information always grows, so he never truly knows anything at all, but this still makes him have the knowledge and strength of 10,000 worlds. The reason he is after Superman is because well he's the last known kryptonian, and he wants what he knows. He could not simply just take Bizarro and take his knowledge out of his head by force, the brain chemistry is entirely different since he is corrupt as is. So the point being, Brainiac needs his ship and needs Kal-El. He has known about Kal-El because he's followed Zod and Doomsday's trail (Doomsday's origin should probably be an alien that comes to earth, that is later altered by Lex's own will).

So when Superman gets on the ship, Brainiac does his thing and captures him. Although Superman tries to fight him before hand, Superman can't handle his strength and brain power. Brainiac can control the entire ship to his own will against Superman, giving him an advantage. As Superman is captured, a lot could happen as far as direction with writing. The idea of him being bottled up in the kryptonian capital like Superman Unbound is fine... I guess... Or he could be in a mental state recovering from his coma more. He could even just be stuck in some place in the ship where he is trying to escape. As Superman tries to fight off Brainiac and things a lot can happen depending on the writer, and obviously more should happen on earth before all of this, because this should be more middle-ending of the movie or middle. They could even bring back Bizarro so Superman fights him again and uses his strengths as Bizarro's weaknesses, like in the comics!

Brainiac's origin story is up to the writer... This all is up to the writer, who I have full trust with David S. Goyer has done a fine job so far, and people are saying that Man Of Steel is better than Nolan's Batman films, which is hard to beat! Brainiac can either just be a conqueror, or he could be a conqueror and the artificial intelligence of Krypton (which is a even better explanation for his connection with Kal-El). The reason why Brainiac is the perfect concluding villain is because Brainiac is more of a mental enemy against Superman than anything. His chaotic mind behavior and high screwed-up intellect drives Superman's strong moralled and very straight forward thinking insane. He can't stand it!

David S. Goyer himself has said that kryptonite isn't Superman's true weakness in these films, it's rather his mental barriers he must come across to become the true hero earth needs. Superman's story is about alienation from earth; how he wants to just be human. This makes his powers mentally weaker than they are truly capable of. When he comes across these mental barriers and embrasses the kryptonian and hero he is, he has no limits. SUPERMAN IS AS POWERFUL AS HE NEEDS TO BE. This being said, Brainiac is the perfect villain to set him over to these limits, and unlock his true potential as earth's greatest hero. With Brainiac trying to make Superman's brain over heat/explode with those tubes of information plugged in his head like he did in Superman Unbound; that can be the perfect scene to set him overboard. Also with the huge destruction of earth happening, that makes Superman realize that earth gives him strength.

This forces Superman to rip out of those tubes, defeat the rest of Brainiac's army and Brainiac himself. When he does this Brainiac can't do anything to stop Superman... Superman rips Brainiac out of his ship, and they fight all the way down to the surface of earth. Here is the end of brainiac... Superman goes on lets Brainiac drive himself mentally insane, as Superman is at his very strongest and let's Brainiac realize that simplest things like noises of nature, smell, dirt, etc. are things that he can't comprehend, because he actually knows nothing. Here's Brainiac locked up in his ship for thousands of years and he knows nothing about the outside world, he just absorbs unexperienced information from the people of those planets to make him stronger. So this has made him weaker, causing Superman to finish him off and Brainiac's hard drive then overheats as his exoskeleton is destroyed, with nothing but his memory chip.

I'm not gonna type up all the scripts, but I hope this all makes sense. This set up of a trilogy makes sense because it has beginning, fall, and rise/return of the hero. That's why Batman was so good! We like to see our heroes start their journey, stumble a few times, and then get back up! Look, this stuff is all up to DC to decide, but I sure think that they get a good look at this. Let's try to get them to read this! LET'S MAKE THIS THE BEST SUPERHERO TRILOGY EVER!!!

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It HAS to be Lex.

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Lex Luthor.

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