What did you think of the new man of steel movie

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What did you think of the new man of steel movie

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I liked it.

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How many of these topics exist? Seriously.

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I thought it was mediocre. Cavill is a meh Superman, he certainly has the look though. I was really talking out of my bottom about all the Superman collateral a few months back. Superman does that in every cartoon and comic series he is. Besides you could tell he was desperate to try to hurt his enemies in any way possible, since they shook off punches like nothing. So I understand. Its just that seeing this in a live action movie kind of slaps you in the face of how deadly this type of warfare can be on the planet Earth. But he was an overwhelmed young superman. What ruined it for me was Kevin Costner, and letting himself die due to being desperate to protect Kal-Els secret. I'm pretty sure Supes superspeeding would be the last thing on the minds of a bunch of scared people hoping this isn't their last day on planet Earth. Would they even be able to see him move anyway? His movement would seem instantaneous to a naked human eye. They wouldn't be able to track or correlate it? I loved Faora though! She is like the Darth Maul/Boba Fett/Shockwave kind of character of this movie. Best performance in the movie. Shannon was good too, though his Zod sucked compared to the swag of Stamp. I liked Jor-El compared to Supes in this movie. Very badass, unlike Cavill who was more of a gloomy, dull emo Supes. Anyway, this movie was definitely not great, but it wasn't exactly terrible either. Just a meh movie like all Supes movies have been after Superman II. : - )

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