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Where does "Man of Steel" rank among the best superhero movies?

This is mine:

1. The Dark Knight: the greatest

2. Man of Steel: had its flaws, but still very very good. almost unparalleled in terms of action and brought Superman back to life on the big screen, making him relevant to even non-comic book audiences again

3. The Avengers: did the impossible, bringing all those heroes together.

4. The Dark Knight Rises: like Man of Steel, it had its flaws but still lightyears better than most superhero movies

5. Batman Begins: almost as good as TDKR. greatest Batman origin story

6. X2: X-Men United: not as popular as the top 5, but the best x-men movies and one of the earliest movies to start the whole superhero movie craze

7. Iron Man: the beginning of Marvel Phase 1. RDJ is a fantastic Iron Man and it brought Stark into the center of all things Avengers in cinema

8. Spider-Man 2: the best spider-man movie. Doc Ock vs Spider-Man fight scene was amazing

9. X-Men: First Class: great movie but sadly really messed up the continuity with X-Men films

10. Watchmen: Snyder has great visuals and the film is a faithful adaption but seems to be missing something

EDIT: Thor instead of Watchmen

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It's not quite as good as The Dark Knight which I consider one of my favorite films of all time, but I like it more than TDKR. Avengers would be lower on my list, I thought it was a bit overrated (or at least it doesn't deserve over $2,000,000,000).

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I would probably rank TDK, Avengers, Iron Man, and Spider-Man 2 over MoS.

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Lower. Much lower for me.

1. Avengers

2. X2: X Men United (would've been #1, but Avengers' accomplishment is unprecedented)

3. TDK

4. Thor

5. Iron Man

6. Batman Begins

7. X-Men: First Class

8. Watchmen

9. Cap: TFA

10. The Amazing Spiderman.

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1. The Dark Knight

2. Thor

3. The Punisher

4. Watchmen

5. Man Of Steel

6. X2

7. Avengers

8. *Edit* The Dark Knight Rises

9. Batman Begins

10. Spider Man

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lol TDK so good it deserves to be on there twice huh?

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Nice to see people's opinions!

I would actually put Thor as 10 instead of Watchmen. I felt it did a great job on Asgard and Loki is still the best villain of Marvel Phase 1. He was amazing in Thor (not as great in Avengers). I did think that it could of added some more (more actual Thor).

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