New thoughts emerged from a recent screening (no spoilers)

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Earlier, a screening of the widely anticipated Man of Steel was held for the cast, crew, family, and WB executives. Here are some things that were said anonymously about the now-finished product:

-Imagine a Nolan story with Snyder effects/action.
- It's the best movie of the year.
- There's TONS of action with Superman kicking all kinds of ass in his suit.
- The cape is CG'd most of the time so it can look awesome.
- They have intentionally left out most of the the Super action in trailers to save it.
- It's not nearly as dour and serious as the trailers suggest.
- The movie is complete, minus the 3D post-conversion, which is currently taking place

Of course the WB exec's are gonna say something like it being "the best movie of the year," but they weren't nearly as confident as they were when Green Lantern had its first screenings. If I remember correctly, they asked that all reviews be held until the release date (which is almost never a good sign).

What do you think, CV?

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Awesome, that addresses most of my major worries about the film :D

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I like the action part. I really want to see Superman cut loose!

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Oh man....I'm so pumped for this movie and I'm looking forward to it, but I still don't want to get my hopes up. There's just so much riding on this movie (not only as the first step to a JL movie but also for me as a Superman fan), that I'm choosing to remain skeptical.

But damn, I can't wait for some major action. And the bit about it not being dour definitely has me optimistic. Superman should be hopeful, yet sincere, but not depressing.

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omg omg omg omg. JUNE COME NOW

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