Man of Steel: Lois Lane knows who is Clark is?

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Okay, I was watching the behind the scenes video for Man of Steel, and something interesting stuck to me. There is one scene where Lois goes to Martha Kent and says "I need to talk about your son." And then it goes to a scene where Perry White is telling Lois that she can't print something on the papers because she must be imagining it.
Maybe Lois knows Clark's identity in the movie! And maybe not.

If this she does know, what are your thoughts on this? Good or bad?

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Glasses aren't much of a disguise in the real world. This movie being a realistic take makes that a given right?

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Hi :)

Can't wait for the new movie to come out! I'm unsure whether or not you have seen this but the energy drink brand No Fear have some Man of Steel promo cans out and are running a competition on their facebook page. There's some really cool prizes, i'll post the link in case you want to enter too :)

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