Green Lantern tie-in?!?!

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this is a bit of a long shot but...

(Spoilers below)

At the end of 'Man of Steel' Superman confronts two military officers after he destroys a satellite. The female officer notes that "he's hot" after he leaves. If you look closely, you'll notice the name on her shirt is "Ferris".

A military girl, named Ferris, does this sound familiar to anyone? How about

Carol Ferris, the boss and long time girlfriend of Hal Jordan (aka theGreen Lantern)!

I know this is a bit of a stretch and could be a coincidence. BUT

1- Why did they put her in? We already know Superman is hot, so what does her character add to this scene?

2-No one else's name tag is really visible for the entire movie- so why is her's so clear at the end?

These two questions kind of make me wonder if they where building to something more.

On the other hand after all the Avengers movies I'm kinda prone to look for sequels/spin-offs esspecially at he end of the movie :P

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#2  Edited By Tacos_Kickass

I haven't seen it yet but from what you described it doesn't sound like a stretch at all and it does seem intentional. I hope it all leads to a good Lantern movie.

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