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No one knows the origin of the atlantean who would come to be named Man o' War. Some believe he was once a political prisoner of the corrupt ruling power within his homeland, then ruled by a sorcerous enclave who found service in the Witch and high traitorees of Atlantis' Gamemnae's court.

Other's believe he was once a citizen who was forcefully volunteered for their super soldier division in the new regime's practicing of dark magic, creating trans-atlantean hybrids who would serve as the personal task forces within their army. The nameless victim would be deemed a failure as he appeared to not survive the amalgamation process, and so the cruel authorities buried his body within the nearest ditch.

This was not the end for the forgotten mariner however, for as luck would have it. He would survive his agonizing ordeal and eventually come across the very same soldiers who subjected him to the experiment, unjustly sentencing a host of malcontents falsely judged by the corrupt sorc sect they work for.

After Vulko detains the dirtbag commander of the prisoners would be executioners. Left alive after the nameless chimera tore through the rest of his platoon, he summarily dispatches the dishonorable captain with extreme prejudice as his aid and fellow prisoners held him at bay with their own shackles. Finally quelling his venomous hate, with the depraved mariners dispatched and the falsely accused convicts freed; Man o' War would follow Vulko back to Atlantis. Feeling his crusade not yet done.

Patriotic Vendetta

The atlantean chimera would aid in his ally's quest for vengeance against the same cabal of mystics who conceived of the process that made him. His first victims were Tubold & Skuld, bewedded mystics who're behind the barring of Orin from the oceans and the creation of various mutated sea life who serve the councils bidding.

As the two prepped a monster to send against Garth's wife & newborn son on Hagen's orders. The Man o' War threw the devilish mystics into their own bile spewing magic vent, roasting the two alive in final embrace.

When next seen he and Vulko discuss how he; The fusee Atlantean, had dealt with the communications minister by the name of Malerik. A particularly disreputable man whom provided the sea creatures the ruling council of sorcerer's used for experimental mutation and had his own son killed to protect their reviled campaigns for Atlantis.

As news of this development is brought to the ears of the devious Prime Minister, Hagen orders a crew of his secret police dispatched to Vulko's quarters. Within his housing the two mused about how Man o' War did good by dispatching that piece of garbage.

But he was worried that leaving a body behind would eventually trail back to them eventually. But the silent avenger cared not for such things, being unafraid of the consequences given what the corrupt regime had done to him. His stoic courage only filling the politician with pride just as Hagens bootlickers barged in on the both of them, only to completely miss his associate by a mile as, unbeknownst to the two.

Garth of Atlantis caught wind of the assailant doing the deed and followed him. When Hagen and his cronies came knocking on the door of his friends housing, Vulko admitted to being behind the murders of the crooked ruling power in Atlantis as Man o' War dispatched all of his thugs.

The invisibility spell cast on him lifted by The Tempest as the young page bound and gagged the evil wizard with spellcraft of his own. Erstwhile the now deposed ministers ultimate plot had been unleashed, something he and his cronies had been conjuring in order to make Atlantis master of the world after destroying all of humanity and it's works in the process. Unleashing a sorcerer's bile which would gradually transform all the sea life; from single cell to full grown Atlanteans, into hideous abominations.


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