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    Man Fish was created by the genetic engineer Arnim Zola.

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    The creature known as Man Fish roamed the jungles near Rio De Muerte, the "River of Death". Captain America was in Rio De Muerte trying to escape from a corrupt prison warden named Hector Santiago but was better known as the Swine. While Captain America was roaming the jungle, he was attacked by Man Fish. A fight ensued but was suddenly interrupted by gunfire from some of the prison guards. Man Fish flees into the deep jungle and the guards pursue Captain America. Captain America tries to escape but falls into a pit trap. Hector appears with some guards and orders one of them to hand him a flame thrower. Before the Swine can use the flame thrower on Cap, he is suddenly attacked by Man Fish. The creature ends up killing Hector and his guards. Captain America and Donna Maria escape the pit but encounter the Man Fish. Captain America does his best to stop the creature but nothing seems to hurt Man Fish.  During the fight, the creature's attention is diverted and ignores Cap and Donna Maria. The creatures walks away and returns to the river. Man Fish disappears into the river and then the man known as Arnim Zola appears in front of Captain America. Arnim Zola introduces himself and tells Captain America that Man Fish is one of his subjects he created.  


    Man-Fish was created by Jack Kirby in 1977 and first appeared in Captain America # 208.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Dark Reign: The Hood

    There is a criminal named Man-Fish that currently works for the Hood. Man-Fish and the Squid would hijack a shipping vessel and steal the technology on board. Whether this is the Man-Fish created by Arnim Zola that has evolved into a human is unknown.  

    Powers & Abilities

    Man Fish is a creature with superhuman strength and durability. His scaly skin can withstand bullet shots from various firearms and even strikes from Captain America's shield. Man Fish would attack with his deadly claws and sharp teeth.

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