Man-Eating Cow

    Character » Man-Eating Cow appears in 26 issues.

    La la la! Hey, it's a cow. Well, what are you up to. little fella? Wait?! Wait a minute!? Hey, what is this?! Oh-- OH GOD! OH MY GOD! AH IT'S EATING ME!! HOLY HELL! THIS COW IS EAAATTTIINGG MMEEEE!!!!

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    Man-Eating Cow was trained by Chairface Chippendale to eat people, and she was kept in a pit with other man-eating cows and alligators. She was the last cow standing (the others were eaten by the alligators) and escaped from the pit to become a Good Doer.


    Man-Eating Cow was created by Ben Edlund. Her first appearance was in issue #7, The Moon Menace.

    Powers and Abilities

    Stronger/tougher than an ordinary cow. Able to eat humans with incredible speed, though she has never been seen to eat anyone but violent criminals.

    Major Story Arcs

    Cow first appeared in Chairface Chippendale's pit of alligators and man-eating cows. The Man-Eating Cow was the last cow left alive, the other cows had been eaten by the reptiles. She later made an appearance when The Tick was fighting two triggermen. She ate them both. After the battle, The Tick and Arthur decide to journey to NYC. The Tick leaves The City in the capable "hands" of The Man-Eating Cow, as he considers her to have proven herself and to have a good fighting strategy.

    Other Media

    In addition to her appearances in The Tick comic, Man-Eating Cow has her own eponymous comic, and appeared in The Tick animated series (first appearance in the series: Season 1, Episode 13, "The Tick vs. Arthur's Bank Account," airdate Feb. 11, 1995).

    Bandai's series of action figures tied to the comic and cartoon produced a Man-Eating Cow figure in 1994.


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