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If you are referring to the Marvel Alpha Flight character : Manbot


Having received a massive dose of Energy X, the strange energy literally flows through Man-Bot's veins, always building in intensity. If the intensity grows too great it causes an explosive energy release. Man-Bot wears a suit of armor that siphons off and expels his excess energy, but he still hopes to find a cure for his condition. Initially introduced as a womanizing playboy, Ted Taylor's car is struck by a bolt of Energy X that leaves him with very dangerous powers. He seeks out the help of his scientist brother, who designs the Man-Bot suit for him. Though Ted at first refuses to wear it, his powers manifest in his brother's lab leading to an explosion that kills him. Guilt ridden over killing his own brother, Ted takes the suit and becomes Man-Bot, vowing to serve the people of Patriot City while also searching for a cure for his extremely dangerous energy bursts. Man-Bot first appears as a captive of Nuclear Winter. After being saved by Minuteman, El Diablo, and Mentor he joins them in bringing Winter to justice. A founding member of Freedom Force, Man-Bot is shown to be a very sad character as his brother's death weighs heavily upon him, claiming that he is "less than human." When Alchemiss joins the team she finds herself falling in love with the tortured soul that is Man-Bot. Though Man-Bot refuses to allow her to enter harms way for fear she could end up like his brother, she persists that they can be together. At the end of the first game after the team defeats Timemaster, Man-Bot chooses to remain in the Celestial Clock to ensure the balance of the universe, leaving his teammates saddened and Alchemiss heartbroken.

Ted Taylor used to be a selfish party loving guy, before he got exposed to energy X. He could not control the great amount of energy bursting into him, so he went to his scientist brother to find a solution. His brother was working on a prototype of a robotic suit that can contain a vast amount of energy. Before trying it out, energy exploded from his body and killed his brother. To hide his shame and guilt, and control his energy, he dons the robotic suit, and becomes the Man-Bot.

Current Events

Man-Bot is a video game character, but doesn't appear in the media much anymore.

Powers & Abilities

A slow,slumbering giant, Man-bot possesses incredible strength and the ability to channel any kind of energy. He often uses this power to absorb and shoot out beams of pure energy. His biggest weakness is his incredible mass which slows him down and makes him an easy target for enemies.


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