Character » Mammoth appears in 11 issues.

    Mammoth is the powerhouse member of the Underground that carries the heavy artillery. Mammoth also becomes the de facto leader after Lord Tantalus kills their leader, Blackwulf.

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    William Amos aka Mammoth is a Half-Deviant, his mother was killed by Lord Tantalus for the crime of mating with a Human and he has been driven by revenge since. He is very rich, highly educated, and operates from a Mansion in New York state.

    A member of the Underground Legion, a US government team looking into the past history of Humanity. William has contacts with the Avengers - Hank Pym helps the Underground on a mission vs Ultron for example. William assumes leadership of the Underground after Blackwulf is killed.

    Mammoth led his team to Armechadon, throne world of Tantalus, wherein they teamed up with the Underground of Armechadon to defeat Tantalus. The victory cost Mammoth his left arm.

    There seems to be a link between Mammoth and Wraath, it is suggested they are the same person, but this is unproven, and given all the genetic manipulation/cloning by Khult and Tantalus, the truth may never be known.


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