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In History

Mamitu Goddess of destiny, oath, prophecy, and fate as well as judge of the Underworld. She was worshiped in Mesopotamia which flourished in ancient times from 4000 BCE to the rise of the Persian Empire in 539 BCE. She is a judge of the Underworld who knows every history, life cycle, and fate for every creature in the universe. But she was noted to tell a worshiper their fortune, for a fee.

Modern History

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Mamitu has been an inspiration in comic titles throughout the years and each character published with her name has taken her aspects and domains of influence from ancient history. Here are a few of the characters which have been developed as a representation of Mamitu.

In DC Comics:

Mamitu Goddess of justice, oath, prophecy, and fate and is worshiped by the Amazons of Bana-Mighdall. She appeares in the pages of Wonder Woman #176 - The Witch & The Warrior - Part 3: Hateful Hate.

Powers and Abilities

Mamitu possesses superhuman levels of strength, stamina, speed, endurance, reflexes, and is resistant to common conventional disease and injury, as well as possessing regenerative capabilities. She also has limited foresight and can see events in the future.


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