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Malu is the daughter of the King of Ormuz who was kidnapped while a young child by invading Tarkanians. The attack was orchestrated by her uncle Phao as a way to ensure that he ascended to be the ruler of Ormuz instead of the young girl. She unwittingly carried away her royal signet and wore it without knowing its value as she served as a slave girl in a faraway land.


Drawn by Howard Larsen.

Major Story Arcs

Back to Ormuz

In the distant land of Tarko, Malu serves as a slave girl to the king. She is surprised one day to see a prisoner, Garth, being mistreated by the King of Tarko. She sneaks into his cell later that night and learns that she is the maiden he has been looking for, as she is the true heir to the throne in Ormuz. Malu is caught in Garth's cell and the two are sentenced to death at the hands of lions. In the pit, Malu prays that the information she has learned from others that there is a secret passage out of the colosseum. There is. She and Garth escape Tarko while the lions rip up the citizens.

The two flee through a mountain pass and find a city before dark. The king of the city, Thuz, welcomes the two and give them a room. Malu and Garth learn that the king wishes to take Malu at any cost and the two try to escape the city. Their flight is foiled and they attend a banquet instead. Wine is brought but the server tells Malu that Garth's goblet is poisoned. Malu picks up Garth's goblet and feigns taking a drink. The king dispenses with pretense and orders Garth's death. A fight breaks out and Thuz attempts to flee with Malu as his captive. She is saved by Garth and the city is given back to the rule of the rightful boy king. The boy king offers to transport the two to Ormuz in one of his caravans.

While traveling, Malu tries to get Garth to admit his love for her. He can't, as he feels unworthy. She storms off and gets abducted by thieves on the border of the camp. She is bound and held captive until Garth is able to find her. She is once again seized upon as Garth battles every thief in the hideout. He is finally able to free her and the two travel to Ormuz on horseback.

At Ormuz, Malu and Garth are captured by men who sell Malu back into slavery. Fortunately, Garth comes to her rescue again and buys her at the market. She accepts her role as his literal slave girl and binds herself to him. They get back to Ormuz and try to approach the king. It turns out, however, that Malu's uncle Phao has orchestrated all the events that have plagued Malu's life (even the abduction by thieves) so as to take her place as heir to the throne. He convinces the King of Ormuz to banish the two. He does. Malu is made Phao's slave girl while Garth is made a rower on one of Phao's ship.

Banished to Sea

On a voyage, Malu learns that a pirate ship approaches. The pirates attack and the ship is besieged. Garth springs free and kills Phao. Malu is then taken captive by a pirate but is freed by Garth. Instead of being slaves to the pirates, Malu and Garth leap into the sea.

The two wash ashore of a foreign land and are immediately taken captive by Zarkharan guards who think the two are Tirzan spies. The queen of Zarkhara, Shala, makes Malu her slave and Garth her personal attendant. Malu serves faithfully until she sees Shala make a move on Garth. She accuses the queen of debasing herself and Shala imprisons Malu in the Tower of Indecision. Malu is joined by Garth and the two battle monsters until they find a way to escape to the general prison population. One of the prisoners is the brother of the queen and knows the secret ways out. Malu escapes to Tirza and waits while Garth leads an army against Zarkhara. She is overjoyed to hear that Garth is okay at the end of it all and promises to stay with him as rules over the recently taken city. Neither are aware that a sacred boulder has been pushed and is falling on them.

The reader does not learn the fate of Malu since the series is canceled.


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