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    Malikai is the protagonist of Michael Turner's Soulfire.

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    A very positive individual, Malikai is always looking for the best in everyone, even during troublesome times. His upbeat attitude clashes with Grace’s stern demeanor, sometimes causing strife between them. Dressing somewhat casual for a boy his age, Mal is also outfitted with several pieces of armor and gear for defensive and fighting purposes. His main weapons of choice are his digital, dragon-like talons that have a number of attributes for use in battle situations. Having four large bumps protruding from his back, Mal is currently in a cycle of his life prior to the emergence of his wings.


    Abandoned in an orphanage at birth by his parents, Mal spent a great deal of his childhood coming to terms with the world around him. He quickly developed a comedic attitude to cover up most of his emotions towards his absent parental figures. He also survived by finding solace in his friends P.J. and Sonia.


    Malikai's life changed dramatically when he encountered Grace, a mysterious woman with dragonfly wings. She warned him that he was being hunted down by a mysterious man named Rainier, and that his own means of survival were staying with her. Mal reluctantly agreed, but only on the terms that Sonia and P.J. were allowed to follow.


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