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Typical But Fun.

Great covers; this series has so far had some pretty epic looking covers and after reading the issue, I finally noticed that his hand is blending with the gun.  Freaking awesome. 
The Good: 
The art is pretty cool and the fact that many of the concepts of this series are pretty much in your face.  This issues is action packed pretty much cover to covert (leaving you with a pretty shocking ending), and it certainly helps build up the constant sense of urgency.  In other words, this world is no joke.  There's a group of guys chasing them and they mean business, and that although typical, works well here. 
The Bad: 
The fact that he hasn't had training and he's suddenly capable of doing some extraordinary things baffles me.  I get it, he's supposed to do something so he doesn't die mid-issue, but it just feels too much like the Matrix all over again.  I'm waiting for this guy to start dodging bullets and manipulate time.  In all seriousness, I don't mind epic characters, even though with very little training, but I just felt, at least after I read this twice, that I had been cheated and I had read this story somewhere else.  Now, you don't always have to be original, but don't expect me to praise mediocre heroism. 
The first two issues were pretty much setup, so this one necessitated the action it provided.  That is certainly not anything to complain about, as it is very well presented and it all pans out nicely, even if the overall concept of the character seems to be much of a rehash of much you've seen before.  I'd still recommend this obscure series to many... great stuff!! 

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