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    A former Dora Milaje, Nakia fell madly in love with Black Panther. She now goes by the alias Malice.

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    One of the Dora Milaje from Wakanda, or better known as the "Adored Ones".

    Chosen from rival tribes, their presences maintain a balance of power preventing civil war. As a child, Nakia of the Q'Noma Valley marsh tribe was picked by her tribal elders to be a Dora Milaje, and spent three years training before presented to King T'Challa She was one of the King's concomitants, and quicly became one of his dealiest bodyguards. At some point, Nakia fell in love with T'Challa.

    Nakia first appears as Black Panther's accompany with her friend Okoye, beating down some thugs for T'Challa.

    The hallucinating T`Challa kisses Nakia
    The hallucinating T`Challa kisses Nakia

    Despite her feelings, she managed to ignore them and serve him with Okoye. Sadly, after Black Panther managed to avenge the death Jamie Robins, thanks to Mephisto's magic, he hallucinated and, believing to be with his then-girlfriend Monica Lynne, Black Panther kissed Nakia, stopping when realized what he was doing and apologizing. This made Nakia's love become an obsession and convinced herself that T'Challa loved her back. Despite Okoye's warnings, Nakia openly fantasized about marrying him.

    To prove to herself how big their "love" was, Nakia threw herself fifty feet into a shallow pool to get his attention. After being rescued the Panther was forced to administer mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to revive her, much to her delight.

    This obsession became even more dangerous, as Nakia attempted to kill Monica Lynne by throwing her from a plane, and claiming to Panther she was murdered by one of his enemies. T'Challa , however, saw through his lies, ignoring her love claims and dismissed Nakia from her duty. The shame made her flee from the, eventually crashing ,and being found by Achebe, who brutally tortured her and then left her to die hanging on a tree, however she was found by Erik Killmonger who restored her back to health and enhanced her physical stats using the Resurrection Altar. He also gave her an arsenal of weapons and access to the toxic herb called Jufeiro, which made men turn into mindless slaves to her will.

    Now calling herself Malice, Nakia went to attack and reveal herself to the Panther,but was forced to fight against the Queen Divine Justice managing to escape and plotting her revenge.

    To begin her revenge on the man she loves, Malice tracked the husband of Black Panther's cousin M'koni and used the Jufeiro to turn him into a mindless slave, then he told her everything she want about Black Panther and his life in America, sometime later, Nakia sent a cryptic message to the Wakandan Consulate consisting of just two words "She's Dead." refering to a former student of Black Panther.

    It is later revealed M'koni had attempted to kill herself after seeing the pictures of Malice bedding her husband after she grew suspicious of him, took by Dakota North. She was sent to the hospital.

    A few days later, Nakia is seen in a dark ally, when she is confronted by two cops, a man and a woman, they attempt to talk to her, assuming Nakia was lost. As they came closer, Nakia kissed the male cop and infected him with Jufeiro while slitting the woman's throat. The female cop asks for help from her partner, but can only watch in horror as he proclaims his love for her and they walk away, leaving the police officer to die.

    Nakia captures Black Panther
    Nakia captures Black Panther

    On the next day,at the Wakanda Consulate house at America, a bunch of protestants against Black Panther were there, Nakia attacked T'Challa as he tried to clam them down, after a short fight, the king receives information that Omoro found M'Koni's husband's body. He manages to land a few hits and knocks her to the ground, when everything seems lost to her, the protestants rushed to her aid just as she had planned, thanks to his lack of will to fight innocents, the Panther was quickly overpowered and knocked out, before the protestants could beat him to death, however, they are shot to death by the cop Nakia had previously forced in love with her and they drag away Black Panter to an unknown location. At some point during her revenge, Nakia released Man-Ape , who went on to ambush Queen Divine Justice and Ramonda during their flight to the United States.

    In her headquarters, Nakia is seen bedding with another of her slaves, this time a bishop. After they stopped, the bishop begged her to stay by her side, but he was quickly forced to leave to the hospital under her orders.

    Right after this, Nakia went to talk to the trapped Black Panther, claiming she only wants his love and that everyone he once loved would be in danger until he declared love to her. As Malice kissed him passionately and used the herb of Jufeiro on him and left, telling him that soon, the death of his loved ones wont matter for him anymore. However, Black Panther's will was far too powerful and he managed to fight off the effects, escaping soon after.

    Knowing Nakia was going to kill M'Koni, Panther took taking a vaccine from Omoro to prevent Jufeiro from affecting him again and rushed to rescue her.

    However, before he arrived, Dakota and Monica were attacked by the cop and the bishop, who attempted to shoot them to death under her orders, but Dakota was able to kill both of them.

    At M'Koni's room, a doctor tells M'Koni he is greatly upset she was still alive and reveals Malice's presence, allowing her to cut off the blood supply, ''M'kon''i reveals herself to be Nakia's old friend Okoye and attacks. The surprise allows her to knock out the medic and put Nakia in an arm-lock position, determined to kill her. Before Nakia could do anything to stop her, T'Challa appeared and attacked Okoye, beating her down and then helping Nakia get up, making out with her soon after.

    Dakota and Monica were able to escape the hospital and found Omoro, they quickly noticed he was acting weird and realized he was under Jufeiro's influence as well. Omoro tells them that the vaccine was actually an even stronger version of Jufeiro.

    In the hospital, Nakia and T'Challa make out passionately until being stopped as Panther said they should do so before they are wed and that this could demean her. As he tells her he will arrange their marriage, Nakia leaves to kill Monica and Dakota, as Panther tells her to return soon.

    Nakia is quick to find Dakota and Monica, sneaking on them and attempting to strangle Dakota. Before she could kill her, however, Monica tells Nakia she is T'Challa's girlfriend and begs her to spare Dakota. Before she can anything, T'Challa appears in his costume and attacks Nakia. revealing to have been suspicious of Omoro`s intentions and that he only did that so the others would be safe from further harm.

    After a short fight, Malice realizes her revenge failed and she jumps through a window, being followed by him. Eventually they land on a speeding truck where T'Challa threats to destroy her village if Nakia doesn't give him the antidote to save M'Koni and Maria. Nakia cant help but cry and tell her she only did all that by love, kissing him passionately and kicking him off the truck and throws the antidote before disappearing without a trace, it is unknown if she is still alive or if she still bears any feelings for Black Panther.

    Powers and weapons

    Nakia using the herb on a man
    Nakia using the herb on a man

    Thanks to a magic ritual, Nakia posses super-human stats and a minor healing factor, as well as incredible fighting skill.

    Nakia is also extremely focused, showing no remorse for her victims and almost no emotions while in combat or when bedding with her slaves, seeing then as nothing more than tools.

    She mostly uses weapons in combat, such as swords, spears and knives.

    However, her most dangerous weapon is the Herb of Jufeiro, they are located in small heart-shapped pins, which when attached to a man's skin, will immediately make them fall in love with her, to the point of becoming mindless drones to her will and ignoring whatever didn't bear any significance to her.

    According to Nakia, the herb works on the man's inhibitions, bringing passion to the fore.

    In Other Media


    Black Panther (2018)

    Lupita Nyong'o as Nakia
    Lupita Nyong'o as Nakia

    Nakia will appear in the live-action Black Panther film, portrayed by Academy Award-winner Lupita Nyong'o. Rather than being a teen bodyguard, this version of the character is an adult Wakandan spy and T'Challa's ex-lover. Although not a member of the Dora Milaje, she wears the uniform at the climax of the film.


    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • Nakia is featured in the Marvel Legends Okoye Build-A-Figure wave by Hasbro.
    • Nakia is featured in the Black Panther "Royal Talon Fighter Attack" Lego kit.
    • Diamond Collectibles released a Nakia Minimate as part of a two-pack with Okoye.
    • Funko produced a POP! bobblehead of Nakia.
    • Nakia was featured in a diorama by Iron Studios, which also included Black Panther, Okoye and Killmonger.

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