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    Malgam is a violent alien who once possessed an X-O Manowar armor.

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    From the pages of: X-O Manowar #26

    Malgam is an alien humanoid who once was an ex-military mercenary along side with the now Primary Reebo. After accepting a 'job' that sounded too dangerous to be true to earn street cred, they traveled to a distant world that had been destroyed by one mysterious being that had possessed an X-O Manowar Armor. After battling with the X-O Manowar armor, Malgam and Reebo were unsuccessful in destroying it and barely made it off world alive.

    Back at the farthest reaches of the Universe, Malgam and Reebo meet a team hunters, the Armor Hunters, that have the sole mission of destroying all of the sentient X-O Manowar armors and their hosts.


    Some unknown time later, Malgam is infected by the sentient armor. After which, he crash lands on the Vine debris orbiting the Earth and came face to face with Aric. He then attempted to take Shanhara from him, or at least kill him, before eventually being defeated and taken to M.E.R.O. for containment and research.

    The research shows that as Malgam inflicts damage, the armor isn't actually healing him... It's replacing him. The armor doesn't stop at healing its wearer. That's merely an Entry Point. It replicates itself, converting the wearer's cells into its own techno-organic virus. Malgam shows an advanced stage of infection where the armor grafted to him is from the same strain-- for a lack of a more appropriate word-- as Aric's.


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