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    Daughter of Mephisto

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    Malevolence is the Demonic daughter of Mephisto of Earth-691. 

    Her father long planned to use the incredibly powerful being Protege for his own evil purposes by arranging events so that Malevolence would become Matriarch to the boy in the Universal Church of Truth. She struck a deal with Brahl of Force to use them to defeat the Guardians of the Galaxy, specifically the greatest threat to her, Aleta.

    While Malevolence easily beat all of her challengers, Aleta arrived to challenge her. Force had failed to kill her as ordered and in fact teamed up with the Guardians to stop her and the Church. Malevolence was defeated but before the choice was made, Starhawk came and absorbed Aleta in to himself once more.

    Having no other choice, Malevolence became the Matriarch. In her duties, she attempted to corrupt the boy and make him as evil as her and her father, so that his soul would belong to them. 


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