Character » Malcolm appears in 87 issues.

    Member of XSE, along with Bishop and Randall. He travels back in time to stop Trevor Fitzroy but ends up dying before he can complete his mission.

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    Malcolm was one of the mutants that iare still alive during the later half of the 21st century and is fighting along with the X.S.E. to detain Trevor Fitzroy.


    Malcolm was created along with Bishop and Randall by John Byrne.

    Character Evolution

    The son of a wealthy man, he would try harder because he felt that he had something to prove.

    Major Story Arcs

    Back to the Past

    Malcolm would travel back in time along with Randall and lead by Bishop. They were on a mission to stop Trevor Fitzroy and also to stop Hope who was viewed as the cause for all the problems in the future. Malcolm would dye in a hail of laser fire making sure that Bishop survived.


    Originally The three were to come back in time to save the X-Men that were all destroyed after being betrayed from within, later revealed to be Onslaught. During the Messiah Complex, it is revealed tht Bishop actaully came back to stop Hope from causing the terrible future that the three came from.


    Malcolm was a mutant who was able to psionically sense the presence of any humans in his area and selectively scan their bio-signatures to determine whether they were genetically enhanced or otherwise


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