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    Malcolm is the title protagonist of the Malcolm in the Middle. Malcolm is the middle child out of his brothers, the son of Hal and Lois and the most intelligent of the family with an I.Q. of 165.

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    Malcolm is the main character and the titular protagonist of this show and the most intelligent kid then anyone, especially his family and friends.

    Social Life:

    Life is unfair with Malcolm as the beginning of the series he took an I.Q. test that he has an I.Q of 165 which proves he's a genius with his own intellect, but ends in a Krelboyne Class (full of nerds and geeks) which makes him an outcast of this show, but his only best friend is Stevie Kenarban, carefree and normaly humble with his missing lung and asthma because is handicapped in a wheelchair as he have to take deep breaths 1-3 words and his other friends in the beginning of the series was Lloyd, Dabney and Eraserhead. As Malcolm is a Academic Student and normally does very well on his studies as for example he is good with numbers, he normally gets bullied and gets in trouble at school at times as he becomes the victim like for his teacher Mr. Lionel Herkabe who becomes his arch-enemy in Season 3 Emancipation.

    Family Life:

    Malcolm's family is no better then school that he's have to put up with his dysfuctional family like the shenanigans they put throughout the series, as example like his father Hal, a cowardly bumbling dad ending up with his own stunts and antics, mother Lois, a stressful and short-tempered woman dealing with him and his brohters from staying out trouble. His brothers are second-eldest Reese, normally bullies him and his classmates at school with his dim-witted personality, second-youngest Dewey, a manipulative and mouthy kid as he a talent in passion for playing the piano and finally looks up to worship his oldest brother Francis, the biggest troublemaker who ends in Military School in Season 1-3, later on working full time as Logger in Season 3 and then as a Rancher in Season 4-5.


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