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Malcolm Dragon is the only child of the heroes Savage Dragon and Rapture. He was born extremely premature but due to his unique genetic heritage, he was born as developed and healthy as many full-term babies. This early great news quickly turned sour when Malcolm died in Hillman Hospital. It was decided by his parents not to insist on an autopsy as it seemed clear that Malcolm died due to complications with his premature birth and he was laid to rest in a local cemetery. However, unbeknownst to both Kurr and Sharona, Malcolm was still alive and well. The secretive Covenant of the Sword organization had abducted the child and left a synthetic double in his place. This covert group had been set-up in the past by the time-travelling Damien DarkLord and were dedicating to building up a private army of superhumans, raising the offspring of known super-powered freaks in the doctrine of the Covenant of the Sword.


Malcolm was created by Erik Larsen.

Character Evolution

Malcolm Dragon
Malcolm Dragon

Malcolm remained in the care of the Covenant, being raised by an alternate version of his mother, brought over by DarkLord to replace Rapture (whom he had previously killed). He was told of his father but was kept hidden away from Kurr. When he was four years old, Kurr raided the Covenant stronghold to retrieve several abducted children and learned that his son was still alive.

Major Story Arcs

Universe Mix-ups


Kurr ended up getting transported to an alternate timeline, leaving his son to continue to grow up in the care of the alternate Rapture. This continued for another couple of years until Universo, the Devourer of Worlds, arrived to consume the Earth. Malcolm and several other children managed to avoid the end of the world when SoulStar, HotWire and SkyLark took them with them through a portal into Dimension-X. This led to a long exile where these survivors fought constantly against alien threats until the adults got caught up in a battle against monsters. The children fled and eventually learned of the existence of Glum World where a portal back home was rumored to exist. Malcolm led his friends to the planet where Mister Glum reluctantly returned them all home, at the behest of the alternate Earth’s Angel Dragon.

A Family of Dragons

Malcolm & Angel vs. Mako
Malcolm & Angel vs. Mako

Malcolm was finally reunited with his father and step-sister, allowing them to be a family for the very first time. Malcolm and Angel desire to follow in their father’s footsteps as heroes and have thrown themselves into battle against villains such as Mako in an effort to live up to the mantle of Savage Dragon.

Son vs. the Father

When Dragon was killed and subsequently resurrected in his original Emperor Kurr persona; Malcolm had a hard time adjusting. He befriended Flash Mercury and fought against his father. Malcolm has since begun to resemble his father more and more as puberty set in. Angel and he continued their hero training, this time under the tutelage of the veteran hero, SuperPatriot.

Powers & Abilities

Electricity Control

Super Strength & Lightning Power
Super Strength & Lightning Power

Malcolm Dragon possesses a still-increasing level of superhuman strength. He also has the ability to generate electricity in his body, inheriting powers from both mother and father. Malcolm could someday manifest other powers but as he is still growing, his full potential has yet been realized.

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