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Malagigi comes from the Matter of France, which is the body of works that tell the tale of French history, particularly the stories about Charlemagne and his court.


Malagigi was created for the Arak, Son of Thunder comics written by Roy Thomas.

Major Story Arcs

The Wizard Malagigi was the court wizard to Carolus Magnus, later in history known as Charlemagne. king of the Franks. Malagigi became the surrogate father to Valda, after the death of her warrior mother Bradamante, and helped her to become a knight.

Malagigi later met the American Indian warrior Arak during a time they were both imprisoned. The two traveled to the court of Charlemagne once they escaped. The sorceress Angelica captured Malagigi and Arak was sent on a quest by Charlemagne to rescue Malagigi.

Malagigi had many adventures with Arak, though they eventually parted, Malagigi returned to his Frankland and Arak set sail to find his homeland.


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