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Malachi and his brother Micah were brothers who were angels. Eons ago, there was a great war in heaven and many angels rebelled. Micah, sided with Lucifer and like Lucifer, he was cast down, and he was reduced to a demon. Despite this change, the two brothers Malachi and Micah, or Kazann as he was now to be known kept in secret contact and exchanged angelic and demonic secrets and codes about their respective orders. Each was able to utilize this information to great benefit, gaining power, respect and authority in heaven and hell respectively. Things went astray when Kazann tired of his place in the scheme of things decides to make the Earth his new hell to rule over and begins his plans to take it over. His actions alert both heaven and hell and agents working for both move to apprehend Kazann. Fearing that if heaven's angels are the ones to succeed in capturing Kazann that his pact with his brother might come to light, Malachi makes a deal with Johnny Blaze to free his soul from Hell provided he would help him out with an important task. That task being to locate and apprehend Kazann. Malachi and his younger brother Daniel track the Ghost Rider's progress as he races to get to Kazann before Hell's best demon tracker scout Hoss gets to him, or incredibly powerful archangel Ruth does. 

In the end the deal was lie as Malachi himself explained to Johnny "no Angel, no prophet not even the almight himself can save a soul destined for the pit. The pit always gets its souls always." However Ghost Rider got his vengeance when the Arcangel Ruth ripped off both of his wings for his betrayal of Heaven. Malachi had a disliking of humans, and oddly seemed to think dinosaurs had more potential as a species.  


The Angel Malachi is a Marvel comics character. Created by writer Garth Ennis and artist Clayton Crain, Malachi first appearing in Ghost Rider: Road to Damnation #1 released in 2005. Cleverly the Book of Malachi is a book from the Bible, the last book before the New Testament Malachi's brother, before he was cast down was known as Micah, and as such there is a Book of Micah. Both books are related to the Book of the Twelve, or Twelve Prophets, the last section of Old Testament writings.  

Powers and Abilities

Malachi is an angel, and as such possesses supernatural divine powers. Malachi is super strong, and super durable, and immune to conventional Earthly damage and illnesses. Extremely long lived, Malachi does not age, and he is essentially immortal. Malachi is supernaturally fast. He possesses flight and possesses psychic or divine abilities of a vague nature. When a pregnant Sensitive, a human who can perceive the super natural and divine observed Malachi and panicked after seeing an angel, Malachi was able to render her unconscious also giving her a miscarriage. Malachi is not absolutely immortal, as Ruth was able to fatally injure him.    
Physical Characteristics  
Height: Variable 
Weight: Variable
Hair: Variable
Eyes: Variable  

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