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    Malachi was an immortal sorceress and lover of Korahn.

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    Malachi was an immortal sorceress of the Marvel Universe. Thousands of years ago, Malachi and her lover Korahn attempted to steal a mystical artifact known as the Moebius Stone from Agamotto. They believed the Stone would make them immortals.. Korahnn was killed in battle but Malachi escaped with a minor fragment of the Stone. It was enough to keep her alive and unaging for millennia while she sought the rest of the Stone. She intended to use it to resurrect Korahnn.

    By the 1990s, Malachi was able to locate a number of fragments but had to fight the Secret Defenders ( Luke Cage, Deadpool, Dr. Druid, Shadowoman) to get to it. She tried to drain the energy of nearby humans to replenish her own. Cody Fleischer, one of her victims, was resurrected by Agamotto as Cadaver and joined the Defenders in the struggle. She was finally able to resurrect Korahn ... only to find out he prefered the peace of death. Shocked at that reaction, Malachi was too distracted to notice Deadpool approaching her. He put a sword through her chest and send her to share the afterlife with Korahn.


    The Moebius Stone allowed Malachi to control the passage of time for herself and others. She was thus able to cause people to regress or advance in age. The Stone could also drain the life force of other beings or resurrect the dead. Malachi herself could fly, animate unliving matter, control minds and fire blasts of eldritch energy.

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