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Makro is an American and a descendant of one of the Hand's elite female assassins in "the Nail". Makro is augmented by, what appears to be, Octavian technology and possesses an exoskeleton similar to the one used by Dr. Octopus. Her tentacles can respond to her mental command and are strong enough to allow Makro to climb aboard a speeding tractor trailer.

Makro was allegedly confined to the lab she was created in for years until Daredevil freed her and offered her a place in the Nail. She appears to enjoy her freedom as one of the Hands elite assassins. Her code name refers to the Japanese giant spider-crab, macrocheira kaempferi


Makro was created by Jason Henderson and Ivan Rodriguez in 2010 and first appeared in Shadowland: Daughters Of The Shadow # 1.

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