Character » Makoto appears in 27 issues.

    Makoto is a young brash girl who wants to bring her family's Rinko-Dan Karate dojo in honor of her late father. Known for her brash personality and pragmatic Karate style.

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    Makoto is the daughter of the sensei of the Rindoukan Dojo. After her father's passing, Makoto was made sensei of the school, but the other students believed her incapable and left the dojo. To prove her worth and fulfil a promise to her father, she has challenged every dojo in Japan to show her school's greatness.

    The first to accept Makoto's challenge was Dan Hibiki. He was soundly defeated. Her next target was a girl from her high school named Ibuki. But Ibuki could not accept her challenge because it would blow the secret of her being a ninja. Ibuki promised to accept when the time was right. The two then became friends. Makoto also has the intention to challenge the new girl in school, Elena, but is often stopped by Ibuki.

    Her aggressive personality matches her very abrasive fighting style that derives from a mix of Judo and Karate techniques. Although she lacks the ability to execute a faster pace of attacks, she can project her physical power through heavy kicks and punches. She is very well known for grabbing, head-butting, joint-locking, and punching her opponents in the groin.


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