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    Mako is a new member of the Young Masters. He was decapitated by Lady Bullseye.

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    Mako is a young upstart super villain who is recruited into a Young Masters by a new Executioner and Egghead. Rounding out the new super villain group would be a new female Black Knight and Radioactive Kid. These young villains have have radical new ideas and are sick of the stale and stagnant state of the current status quo and established villains attitudes. Lead by Daniel Dubois, the Executioner, the Young Masters start to pick off older established villains, or they at least try to. They eventually run into conflict with teenage superhero group the Teen Brigade.


    Mako is a Marvel comics published character and was created by Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta in 2011 and first appeared in Vengeance #1 - Book One. The character is most likely meant to bare semblance to the character Tigershark.

    Character Evolution

    Mako had a limited amount of appearances and really only seemed to be created to be expendable. A theme of the the Young Masters the group the character was involved in was to take similar identifies to older established villains/characters. Radioactive Kid being a rift of Radioactive Man and so on. Mako seems based on Tigershark.

    Major Story Arcs


    The Young Masters, a teenage group of villains paying homage to the Masters of Evil is formed. Mako is one of the members and the group tired of the old guards way of doing things set about bringing down established heroes. Their actions set about a chain reaction which could potentially imbalance the very nature of order and chaos bringing the group in conflict with the Teen Brigade who are harboring the cosmic entity The Inbetweener. During a mission to see if Bullseye is actually deceased the Young Masters encounter the deadly Lady Bullseye who eventually kills Mako, slicing his head off before allowing the rest of the Masters to depart.

    He got better though, and later reappeared in Avengers Undercover.

    Powers and Abilities

    Mako presumably has aquatic powers and super strength, and was considered the heavy muscle of the Young Masters group.


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