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Makluan Fin Fang Foom
Makluan Fin Fang Foom

The Makluans have a highly advanced and generally peaceful society however there are those who seek to conquer other planets. A small faction of Makluans invaded China when their spaceship crash landed in the Valley of Spirits. Around the same time they also attempted to invade Camelot, England. Fin Fang Foom is a Makluan as is Axonn-Karr from whose ship The Mandarin was able to acquire his Rings of Power. It is believed the presence of the giant reptilian aliens is responsible for the dragon myths in China and England. The Makluan home planet is also known as Kakaranathara


The Makluans were first created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. The first appearance of a Makluan was in Strange Tales #89 (Oct. 1961) in the story “Fin Fang Foom”. Stan Lee and artist Don Heck later created another character from that race in Tales of Suspense #62 (Feb 1965) in the story “The Origin Of The Mandarin”.

Major Story Arcs

Makluans in the World

A number of Makluans departed their homeworld in search of worlds to conquer. Landing in the Valley of Spirits in China, the crew used their shape-shifting abilities to take on human form, hoping to infiltrate society before conquering Earth. Fin Fang Foom remained behind in the ship but was entombed and entered into hibernation with the application of herbs indigenous to that region.

Iron Man battles a Makluan
Iron Man battles a Makluan

The British Kingdom of Camelot was attacked by Makluans. In order to prevent Camelot’s destruction, Merlin and the Lady of the Lake projected the mind of the Black Knight (Sir Percy of Scandia) into the body of his descendent Dane Whitman in the 21st century where Sir Percy enlisted the help of Excalibur. Using the Lady of the Lake's power, the group were transported back in time days before Camelot was destroyed and defeated the invaders.

At some point the spirit of the Makluan Captain, Axonn-Karr, in the form of Human Chen Hsu, guided The Mandarin to the Valley of Spirits. There The Mandarin found the Makluan starship and its advanced technology - including his signature power rings. He later awoke Fin Fang Foom so that he could be used to threaten the Chinese government but when the remaining Makluans revealed themselves and finally began their conquest, The Mandarin and Iron Man formed an unlikely alliance to defeat the aliens.

There was a watcher who decided the power rings they used could be used for peace and basically “copy and pasted them” according to Green Maculan. The watcher sent out millions of copies of each ring but he changed their powers. Now instead of each ring having a different power, they each can create and manipulate energy to form hard light constructs if anything their imagination can create, and also manipulate energy and fly. As he sent so many of each ring he made the rings lock on to certain emotions.

The red power ring would lock onto vengeful raging spirits

The orange power ring would find lustful spirits

The yellow power ring would look for spirits who could instill fear

The Green power ring would look for spirits filled with courage

The Blue power ring would look for Peaceful spirits

The violet power ring would look for Sorrowful spirits

The pink power ring would look for loving spirits.

The white power ring would look for Angelic spirits.

The Black power rings would look for dead spirits.

Since so many rings were sent each member who found a ring would be placed in an intergalactic corps of aliens who wield the rings. They would become the Maculans. Green maculan once said that each corps has seemingly no finite limit to how many members in each corps. Nightbat also stated that only one ring could be used to destroy or rebirth the universe.


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