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Makima is the main antagonist of the Chainsaw Man series, acting as the tritagonist of the series before becoming the main antagonist of the Public Security arc and then a posthumous antagonist in subsequent arcs.

Initially acting as a helpful ally towards the protagonist, Denji, by taking him under her wing and making him as a pet, she is also the leader of the Public Safety Devil Hunter organization who tried her best to make Denji's life happy to the point he tried to find another purpose in life and becoming a happier person compared to what he is in the past due to the suffering that he had endured during his childhood days.

In spite of this however, Makima has done some morally ambiguous things over the course of the story for the sake of the greater good such as having no hesitation to hurt Denji if he disobeyed, using blackmails to get what she wants and so on while also possessing several inhuman traits such as resurrecting herself from her assailant even if she was murdered or managing to overpower a primal devil by just wounding him. As the story progressed, she turns out to be something worse.

Around Chapter 75, it was revealed that Makima herself is a powerful and omniscient devil as old as human history itself known as The Control Devil who was feared by the human beings for several centuries as several other nations, including the United States, attempts to escape from her grasp to prevent her bringing the worst kind of peace towards the world. In addition, it was revealed that her personality of being a kind figure that Denji respected is not what it seems.

By the time Chapter 84 hits, it was then revealed that she is a number one admirer of the Chainsaw Man, the entity that was sealed on Denji's body, and plans to use his powers to eradicate all of the devils including the formidable ones that has been plagued humanity for years in order to bring a better world for humanity, fulfilling the hopes of her contractor, The Japanese Prime Minister.

During Chapter 87, It is possible however, that Makima herself is heavily implied to be one of the members of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse that holds the moniker of Conquest as she was also involved in the battle with Chainsaw Man before he went missing which resulted on her attempting to find her whereabouts.

At the end of the day, it was revealed that Makima is nothing but a psychotic fangirl who views her making a better world as a secondary objective for her as she attempts to have Pochita for herself while planning to live together happily ever after. In the end, she was then defeated after she severely underestimating the person whom she views as an obstacle to her plans at worst and a mere lapdog at best.

However, at the same time, in Chapter 97, she can be perceived as a tragic character who only wants to feel love and empathy as she attempts to create a world where everyone is equal to her footing so that she could build a familial relationship due to the fact that she was never shown one as the government raises her to be a ruthless, cold and no-nonsense woman that leads the Public Safety to exterminate devils and bring world peace in the present day. After her death, she is now reincarnated as a child named Nayuta, who is a docile and weaker version of her with no memories of her past.


Makima initially presented herself as a woman with otherworldly beauty around her early to mid-twenties with light brownish-red hair tied in a braid and has eye length bangs and has two longer side bangs that frame her face. In addition, she also possesses strange golden eyes that almost look like a cat with swirly pupils accompanied by it. Most of the time, she supports a rather calm and collected look on her face to show that she is rather serious about her job.

In most of her appearances, Makima wears a black businessman suit with a white shirt and black tie tucked inside of it just like other Devil Hunters and she sometimes takes off her businessman coat. In her casual outfit, Makima wears a nearly unbuttoned white jacket with a black dress inside of it, long black stockings, and high-heeled shoes. In Pochita's vision, she is imagined as wearing pure white lingerie alongside Reze.

During the meeting at the beach Chapter 74, Makima only wears a plain, simple yet beautiful black dress. When she was shot by the Gun Devil, a halo of brain matter emerges from her headshot, making her resemble a faux angel. In Chapter 80, she wears a black jacket with a white shirt tucked inside of it and some regular pants.

After her death and reincarnating as Nayuta, she is portrayed as a little girl with short black hair and swirly pupils that her previous incarnation also possessed with a beauty mark under her left eye as she wears a black shirt with a white collar, a long, black pants, and a black shoes. After Denji brought her home, Nayuta is shown wearing plain white pajamas.


During her first appearance, she was portrayed as the seemingly Big Good of the manga, even managing to save Denji from his hellish life and tries to make him happy by coddling him and even made companions just for him to form a rather big and strong family that were integrated together while Makima acts as a motherly figure or an actual ideal girlfriend towards Denji. Her motherly figure can be shown when Makima attempts to cheer up Denji by either inviting him on a date to watch movies together or letting him stay at her home when he fell asleep in the park bench. Makima also shows herself to be a dog person as she owns several dogs in her own apartment.

It is also stated that she is on the humanity side, claiming that she attempts to save humanity from the devils that were plaguing this world. Despite some of her ruthless behavior, she has no hesitations to call out several hypocritical Yakuzas about justifying themselves being a necessary evil as she needed their cooperation to further her own plans seemingly saving humanity. In addition, Makima showed a bit of a glimpse of the humanity in her when she cried during her time with Denji watching the third film about a man seemingly reconciling with his lost friend. Makima is also shown to be the serious and calm person on her job as she made herself a no-nonsense authority figure for the Devil Hunter bureau itself while mostly spend her time as a person who has limited emotions over the course of the story. Despite this, Makima is shown to be a respected figure by the Devil Hunters as according to one of them, Aki Hayakawa, he owed Makima deeply because Makima saved her life from a dark and troubled past while another one, Madoka, also respected Makima due to her respecting the decision to quit the bureau after the massacre towards the Devil Hunters happened.

However, at the same time, Makima is shown to be ruthless in her job, having no hesitation to threaten Denji by euthanizing him or treat him like a devil if he decides to disobey her orders after he already made him as her pet while also shows her ruthlessness nature towards people who were against her such as the assailant that nearly kills her or Denji or the aforementioned Yakuza by brutally wounding or killing them. In addition, Makima shows herself to be a rather shady figure as she conspired with other members of the bureau in order to further the goals of the Japanese Government especially the mission to obtain several Gun Devil fragments. In addition, Makima's accomplice and the strongest devil hunter ever lived, Kishibe, also suspects Makima is a compulsive liar as he suspects that Makima disguises her true intentions under the guise of being a benevolent savior of humanity. Makima can also be considered as a jingoistic person, willingly following her superior orders in order to obtain the fragment for gun devil to ensure Japan become a superpower country trumping over the likes of America, Soviet Union or China, even having no hesitation to start a war with other countries just to get the gun devil fragments to control the Gun Devil for their nefarious purposes.

At the same time, Makima also shown to performs several sketchy and inhumane behavior across the manga due to her seemingly immortal nature, being able to control other animal life itself to perform her bidding, managing to wound one of the Primordial Devils and also had a rather creepy Orwellian approach to increase her knowledge towards other surroundings which makes her rather frightening for a good reason.

In truth, all of the inhuman and ruthless things she had done over the course of the manga are the foreshadowing to revealed that she is something worse: It was revealed that she is actually The Control Devil who exists a long time ago and was feared across the globe by humans and devils alike with the intention of bringing the worst kind of peace into the world. Her true personality were revealed to be that of a compulsive liar and manipulative sociopath who willingly use other people and devils as mere chess pawns to further her own goal while in addition, revealing herself to be a huge sadist as it was revealed that Makima had groomed him to have a happy life at first before crushing it all to pieces as she gaslights him for all the seemingly terrible things she had done so that she could sever the pact between Denji and Pochita.

In Chapter 84, it was then revealed that all of the atrocities that she committed was for her own agenda alongside the Japanese's Prime Minister to bring a better world for humanity to flourish which clearly correlates with her earlier personality seemingly care towards humanity as she attempts to use the power of the Chainsaw Man in order to get rid all of the devils including the powerful ones that has plaguing the existence of humanity and was feared by them. It was also revealed that she also admires Chainsaw Man to the point it's a borderline obsession for her, blatantly saying that she was a number one fan of him, due to its powers being able to make a devil ceased to exist as this was proven by several people forgetting tragedies or fears that the devil possesses such as Nazi, World War II, Nuclear Weapons, Four Fates besides death, stars that break children's minds and so on. Her obsession with Chainsaw Man was also shown in Chapter 87 as she becomes overjoyed on reuniting again with him after the big battle that she had during the past and attempt to settle the long fight that they had.

Makima is also shown to possess an omniscient level of memory as it was shown that she is aware of the tragedies and fears that happened in the past despite humanity forgot about it due to the powers of the Chainsaw Man that made the devils ceased to exists. In addition to all of this, she also possesses a rather calm, collected demeanor and a shrewd mind as if she failed to do something or losing against someone in the battle, Makima uses several backup plan as she attempted to win in the end as her calm and collected behavior was also shown during the battle in Chapter 87 until chapter 88 as while she knew fully well she will lose the battle against Chainsaw Man with the hybrids, Makima stays very calm as she uses her backup plan by shooting Chainsaw Man to the space when her plan to defeated him by using Hybrid Devils that she had brainwashed seemingly failed while fully aware that she could possibly lose the battle against Chainsaw Man.

However, at the same time, Makima's calm and collected demeanor led to her absolute apathy on winning and losing the battle as in the end, Makima also perceives some of her losses as an absolute win in the end especially when it comes to fighting the Chainsaw Man which she obsessed at. This was shown where she dismissed Kishibe warnings about if she lost the battle against the Chainsaw Man and will be eaten by him in which she still considered it as an absolute win because she intends to become part of the Chainsaw Man itself and still tries to harness his powers. Her calm and collected behavior was also shown during the battle in Chapter 87, seemingly apathetic if she doesn't win the battle against Chainsaw Man or not despite using hybrid devils on her own disposal to defeat Chainsaw Man, knowing full well that she will lose the battle. Makima also possesses a huge sadomasochistic tendencies during the fight against Chainsaw Man as during Chapter 88, she is seemingly possessing a rather elated face as Chainsaw Man tied her and the brainwashed hybrids before cutting them off, indicating that she had a lot of fun during her battle against Chainsaw Man.

In the end, it was then revealed that around Chapter 89, her calm and collected behavior during her battle alongside the hybrid devils against Chainsaw Man were paid off in the end because the gambits that she had pulled such as having him to fight against Aki was revealed to weaken Chainsaw Man itself as Makima is aware that Chainsaw Man was powered by the fear of devil so as a result, she uses the power of adoration of the humans across the world in order to weaken the Chainsaw Man himself so that she could have an easier time to attack him.

At the same time however, Makima also reveals her sociopathic tendencies in the similar chapter when she weakened Chainsaw Man: While she clearly loves humans, she perceive that kind of love as humans fondness with dogs as humans according to Makima are loyal, easily handled, clever and stupid as watching their movements is a rather fun thing to experience with Makima herself embracing the adoration and praises that the humanity had for her. As Makima easily attacks Chainsaw Man with the Spear of Longinus with the help of Angel which causes Chainsaw Man to be gravely wounded, instead of being happy, Makima felt disappointed possibly because of the Chainsaw Man wounding himself to protect Kobeni instead of being submissive towards her.

In addition to all of this, Makima also shows a rather condescending and elitist behavior, viewing Denji as nothing but an obstacle for her to meet Chainsaw Man and also viewing him as unworthy for the title due to his appearance and mannerisms alone. When Denji asks her if bad movies will exists in her utopian world, alluding to their date in the cinemas, Makima then answered his question by saying that she has no hesitations to remove all the bad movies from earth, reflecting her determination to bring a world where human race experience no suffering and misfortunes.

During the battle against Denji who now becomes Chainsaw Man in Chapter 94, it was heavily implied that despite she gains tons of advantage during the battle against him, she also possess a personal code during the battle as she prefers to battle one-on-one against Denji as she was rather bored after overpowering Chainsaw Man several times. As a result, Makima decides to revive Denji by giving him her blood in order to have a one last battle against her. Despite this, Makima still shows her petty grudge as she still holds a contempt against Denji after seeing Pochita chooses him more compared to her, even perceiving him as an unworthy person holding a title of Chainsaw Man because he didn't fill the criteria of what Chainsaw Man was according to her while also having no hesitations sending death threats towards him because he is in her way.

At the end of the day, it was then revealed that Makima herself only views Chainsaw Man as a possession that she was obsessed with while revealing that her seeming goal to make a better world is just a mere second objective for her as she contemplated to live with Chainsaw Man in a happy live together forever. Her trait on severely underestimating Denji as nothing but an obstacle comes bite her hard at the end as she was killed by the thing that she hated in the first place and was turned into a minced meat to be eaten Denji despite that he ate her to show love for her.

However, at the same time, after the final chapter of part. 1 hits, it was revealed that Makima is nothing but a tragic figure herself who still wants to create an utopian world in her own way by creating a world where she can be equal to others and also yearning a familial relationship that she never has despite building the relationship through fear and trying to create said world with a wrong method. This is due to the fact that she was never taught to feel love and empathy as she was raised to be a cold, ruthless and no-nonsense woman that leads the Public Safety Division in order to exterminate devils and bring a better world for humans which in turns shows her distaste with the members of the Government and the Bureau itself.

Her behavior through nurture was shown when she is reincarnated as Nayuta who is essentially the more docile and weaker version of Makima while keeping her innocence still intact as Kishibe tells Denji to not let her to be given by the government to be raised and her distaste towards the Bureau was also shown in Chapter 22 where she expresses a displeasure on meeting with the Kyoto Bigwigs as she wanted to enjoy her hobby in peace. Her wish to yearn something for a familial relationship was also shown during her date with Denji as she was shown crying after seeing a movie about two people hugging with each other.


Intro arc

Makima went to exterminate the Zombie Devil but saw someone beat her to it. She then saw Denji as Chainsaw Man and told him he had a smell neither human or devil and asked him who he was, but he only told her to hug him. As she did, Denji turned back into human. Makima then told him that she is a Devil Hunter and that Denji has two options: be killed by her or kept as her pet, upon hearing he will be fed, he agreed.

While travelling in the car, Denji's stomach growled and Makima told him she will buy him some food. When they reached the store and ordered food, a man rushed in and asked for help. Hearing the situation and that her food is ready, she sends out Denji to deal with the situation, since he was her pet. After Denji returned, she complimented him for being a good pet. She explains that there are a few precedents like his, but there is still no name for his situation, she also states that since she had a good nose she could sense that Pochita was still alive in him. She then fed him the soggy udon, as he couldn't himself. Denji then asked her what was her type, to which she responded it's him.

Makima introduces Denji to the other members of Division 4 that he will be living with, Aki Hayakawa and the Blood Fiend Power.

Bat Devil arc

After the three defeat the Bat and Leech Devils, she motivates Denji to hunt the Gun Devil by promising to grant him any wish. She then commands Division 4 to kill the Eternity Devil and retrieve the piece of the Gun Devil's flesh in its possession.

Eternity Devil arc

She then goes out drinking with the team in celebration of their victory. Makima is on her way to meet with members of the Special Division 1 when her fellow Devil Hunters are attacked by followers of the Gun Devil.

Katana Man arc

She survives getting shot in the head thanks to an unknown ability or contract and then kills some of the assailants thanks to a different ability that requires her to sacrifice criminals condemned to life in prison.

After the attack, Makima introduces Denji and Power to the strongest Devil Hunter in the Special Division 1, known only as Master. After they complete their training, Master and Makima have dinner where he accuses her of using Denji and Power as pawns in her schemes and questions her allegiance to humanity.

Later, Makima meets with members of the Yakuza and forces them to disclose the names of the people who attacked Division 4 by presenting them with a bag filled with the eyeballs of their loved ones and refuses to return them to a healthy state if they do not cooperate.

After successfully infiltrating the hideout and capturing the Katana Man Makima is seen reporting to a superior. She reported that Sawatari who was a former Private Devil Hunter contracted with the Gun Devil and passed guns to the Yakuza, in exchange for which she wanted the Chainsaw Devil's heart. She also reports that Sawatari committed suicide before they could interrogate her and that they obtained 1.4 Kg of Gun Devil fragments. Which when combined with their already obtained 5 Kg was moving towards the main body.

She later examines Power and says that her blood must be drained to keep her in check. She assigns Beam as Denji's partner until the blood draining is complete. Makima then invites Denji on a date, they watch movies together and are mostly unmoved with them. In the final movie both her and Denji are moved to tears. After that movie, Denji asks Makima if she thinks that he has a heart to which she responds by placing her head on his chest and saying that he does.

Bomb Girl arc

Makima is seen partnering Aki with the Angel Devil stating that he is the most powerful member of the 4th excluding Kishibe. She also tells Aki that the Angel Devil is lazy and that he doesn't have to be friendly with him, only to use him well as he could be a valuable asset.

She intercepts Reze when she is going to meet Denji at the Café using her ability to travel as a mischief of rats. She tells Reze that she too likes the country mouse and talks about going to help a friend who lives in the country, stating that catching the mice which ruin the fields gives her peace of mind. She disarms Reze with the help of the Angel Devil who is waiting on the rooftop above the alleyway. She is standing in a pool of Reze's blood when she tells the Angel Devil that she told him to bring Aki with him. She sees it as considerate that he didn't bring Aki along as he wouldn't have wanted to kill a woman.

International Assassins arc

Makima visits Denji's apartment and invites him, Aki and Power on a vacation to Enoshima. Denji and Aki readily agree and Power tries to worm her way out of it to no success. A group of Public Safety devil hunters enter the apartment and inform Makima of a development; Denji in his Chainsaw Devil form has become public knowledge due to Reze's efforts which Makima is angry at.

She comments that America and China will both be after Denji due to his rarity as someone who is neither devil nor fiend and that the Soviet Union likely did this so that no matter who captured Denji he would be away from Makima. Makima postpones the trip to Enoshima, informing Denji that he will be without freedom for the foreseeable future. She gives orders to the other devil hunters for Kusakabe and Tamaoki from Miyagi Public Safety Devil Extermination Division 2 and Subaru from Kyoto Public Safety Devil Extermination Division 1 be brought in, and that Hirofumi Yoshida is to be hired from the civilian sector in order to protect Denji.

On her way out, she informs Aki that the operation to kill the Gun Devil will commence next year and that he should try not to die in the meantime since they will need everybody for that operation.

Makima speaks with Kishibe about the potential threats that will be coming their way, including a rumor that Quanxi is coming which Kishibe is unhappy with. She states that it is no use taking precautions against her and that the one they really need to be worrying about is Germany's Santa Claus who is rumored to have died of old age, but is still the biggest threat out there.

Makima, alongside Beam and Prinz, takes care of a large number of Santa Claus' puppet dolls in a ruined building. She orders Beam to go assist Denji and tells Prinz to make sure to save Denji no matter what and to recover the bodies of any devil hunters who perish.

Later Makima sits atop a pile of puppet corpses and shows an awareness that Denji and several other devil hunters are under assault from the Darkness Devil in Hell. She states that the Darkness Devil is intentionally bidding her to come and try to save them. Prinz, who has been defeated already by the Darkness Devil begs Makima not to come but after Makima gives the order, Prinz dutifully summons her by unzipping her upper body open and allowing Makima to emerge in Hell. Makima and the Darkness Devil point at each other, exchanging attacks, causing Makima's finger to break and the Darkness Devil to begin bleeding profusely.

Makima makes her way over to Tolka's corpse and exchanges another round of attacks with the Darkness Devil which causes Makima's entire right arm to contort and break. She touches Tolka's body and forces him to speak to the Hell Devil; making an offer to exchange everything in order to be returned to Earth. The Darkness Devil summons a black blade that pierces Makima's chest just as the Hell Devil's hand sweeps through and returns all of the survival devil hunters and bodies to the top of the department store on Earth.

Makima cradles Denji as the real Santa Claus - now transformed into a monstrous doll form - jumps up to the roof and faces her. Makima greets Santa Claus and pulls Denji's chainsaw cord, triggering his transformation. She advises him that since the enemy has ingested a piece of the Darkness Devil's flesh that no attacks in the darkness will work, and then bids him to defend her. Denji loyally responds with a "Woof!" and jumps into combat against Santa Claus.

Once Denji manages to defeat Santa Claus, he is approached by Quanxi and her friends. They instantly surrender upon Makima's arrival, with Quanxi begging that her harem be spared. Makima decapitates them without hesitation.

Gun Devil arc

With much of the squad still reeling from their encounter with the Darkness Devil, Makima reveals that the Gun Devil has been located and in fact has been largely divided up between the world's most powerful nations to be used as a weapon. The President of the United States, under contract with the Gun Devil, sacrifices one year of every citizen's lifespan in order to issue a command: attack Japan and kill Makima, who is viewed as a serious threat. Shortly before the attack, Makima uses her powers to compel Aki and the Angel Devil to serve as her pawns. In addition, she summons several deceased devil hunters and is able to use their devil contracts by proxy. The Gun Devil appears in Japan and unleashes a devastating attack causing many casualties and large-scale damage. Although the ensuing battle is not shown, it is implied that Makima is able to weaken the Gun Devil enough for it to possess Aki's corpse and turn him into a fiend.

Control Devil arc

After Denji is forced to kill Aki in order to defeat the Gun Fiend, he goes to Makima seeking comfort and direction, stating that he is too depressed and detached to make his own decisions anymore and would prefer to be told what to do like a pet. At her residence, Makima is shown to be the owner of many energetic and affectionate dogs. She tells Denji matter-of-factly that she has invited Power over as well, and when Denji opens the door, Makima will kill her. True to her word, as Power arrives, Makima instantly blasts her apart, leaving only her head and legs. She explains to Denji that she deliberately planned to provide him with a family unit and various sources of happiness, only to rip them away in order to break him. Ultimately, her goal is to allow the dormant Chainsaw Devil to take over completely.

Meanwhile, Kishibe and his team are plotting to attack Makima, who is revealed to be the Control Devil. Makima states that she is a Chainsaw Devil fanatic, and would either like to control him or be consumed by him. At Makima's command, Denji, having apparently lost himself, transforms into the fully-powered Chainsaw Devil. Kishibe's men summon the Hell Devil by sacrificing their lives, but the Chainsaw Devil's strength is overwhelming.

In an effort to subjugate the Chainsaw Devil, who has gone berserk, Makima calls upon a group of weapon hybrids, several of whom were former enemies presumed deceased (including Reze, Quanxi, and Katana Man) but who now serve her with adoration. Once again, the Chainsaw Devil largely overwhelms his attackers, though he is weakened when Makima points out the general public's fear that powers him is waning, as they now view him as a hero. She uses the Angel Devil to create a powerful spear and launches it at the Chainsaw Devil, impaling him.

However, the Chainsaw Devil is revived after Pochita has an inner conversation with the remnants of Power, whose existence persists in Denji due to him having consumed her blood prior. Pochita grants her the ability to emerge as the fully-powered Blood Devil, but she is no match for Makima. Power is able to hide Denji in a dumpster before dying.

After being recovered by Kishibe, Denji battles Makima and her minions for the final time at a mass gravesite. Makima is perplexed and disappointed that Denji's personality has seemingly resurfaced. She is able to defeat him and rip out his heart. Having achieved her goal, she rests for a moment but is attacked by Denji who appears from a pile of corpses, wielding a chainsaw imbued with Power's blood. After dealing Makima a fatal blow, he tells her that she had been battling Pochita, while he hid and waited for an opportunity to strike.

Following Makima's defeat, Denji reveals that his plan to circumvent her regenerative powers is to consume her, making various meals from her remains. Conversing with Kishibe after the fact, Denji claims this is an act of love rather than revenge. Furthermore, Denji explains his theory that Makima only perceived people by scent, and he believed she was so indifferent towards him that she never remembered his, thus allowing him to ambush her. Kishibe tells Denji that a new Control Devil, already reincarnated, has been brought over from China. The Control Devil has taken the form of a young black-haired girl called Nayuta. Kishibe goes on to say that Makima is effectively gone, and this new Control Devil must not be allowed to go down a similar path. He leaves Nayuta in Denji's care.

Powers and Abilities

Holding the title Control Devil and being one of the most powerful demons in the stories, Makima has several powers on her disposal:

  • Immortality and Durability: For a Control Devil that exists as long as the human history to the point that they even feared Makima, she herself is an absolutely immortal being as no matter how devils or humans tried to kill or harm her, she is capable of bouncing back with her miraculously recover. It is also shown that Makima's body is extremely durable as when she was wounded, she is seemingly doesn't feel a thing. This was shown during her fight against the Gun Devil when she was seemingly shot by it, instead of being wounded, a halo of brain matter emerges from her wound and was used to fight back against the Gun Devil or when she was shot by her assailant, Makima miraculously recovers from her death as if the shot that killed her feels like a small wound that she can be easily recovered with or when Chainsaw Man revived, as she was dismembered by Chainsaw Man himself, she revived normally like she feels nothing at all. It is stated that Makima had died 33 times in a row during the main story (She was also revealed to be attacked and killed by Chainsaw Man 26 times). Despite this however, her immortality could run out if Chainsaw Man eats her, severing contract with the Japanese Prime Minister, eradicating all of the population of Japan or at the very least, killing the Prime Minister to make Makima seemingly mortal.
  • Reflection and Conversion: It is stated by Makima herself that after making a contract with the Japanese Prime Minister, any attacks that will be inflicted by Makima herself will be converted into some kind of illness for the Japanese people or at the very least, having their deaths dismissed as accidents. This is best shown due to the casualties of the Gun Devil or Denji's assailant getting brutally murdered as a result of their actions attacking Makima.
  • Manipulation: Being the Control Devil, this is one of her core parts of her character as she use her charisma and other stuff such as brainwashing in order to get what she wants and treating other people as tool for her to further her own plans. She was also shown to be able to manipulate people with her own brainwashing powers or just a simple manipulation tricks. Her manipulation powers can be exemplified with her relationship with Denji as she attempts to groom him at first glance by giving him a happiness that he never had by coddling him at first to the point Denji respected her and attempts to find a purpose by making a goal based on her. However, in the end, all of the sweetness that she had shown towards Denji was an act all along to further her own plans which broke Denji even further.
  • Brainwashing and Memory Manipulation: Makima uses her brainwashing powers in order to subjugate her people easier in order for them to be easy to control or at least making them dealing with her contract. She is also shown to be able to tamper with a person's memories as well by either making them forgetting something horrible that had happened or making them thinking that she was their savior. This was shown when she uses a brainwashing powers towards the Angel Devil when she regains his own memories about his real past in order to prevent him killing her or tampering with Aki's memories about how he ended up loving her to the point she owed her his life despite he didn't know about the reason on why he was devoted towards Makima in the first place. However, her brainwashing powers also has a drawback: She only able to brainwash other creature if they were a lower-lifeforms compared to her and unable to control the lifeforms that are stronger or higher than her. In order to overcome her drawbacks, she must defeated the demons with higher lifeforms in order to make them subservient. This was shown when she is unable to defeat Chainsaw Man because of how formidable devil he is, earning the moniker of the most feared devil due to his ability to erasing them from existence by just eating them, but is able to control the likes of Reze, Quanxi and Katana Man after the former two were revived by Makima because due to the fact that Makima kills the former two and the latter was defeated by Denji but still sitting on the lower tier of the food chain compared to Makima herself.
  • Authority: Being one of the highest members of the Devil Hunter Organization, Makima is able to assert her own authority towards the other Devil Hunter either through charisma or fear befitting her title as the Control Devil due to her brainwashing powers and manipulation. She even has no hesitations to dispose the Devilmen once they ended up quitting or violating the rules and also has no hesitation to use blackmail or threats to coerce people to do her dirty job as was shown in her attempt to threaten Denji by euthanizing him if he didn't do his job or successfully manages to subjugate one of the Yakuza families to work with her by giving them the body parts of their loved ones.
  • Charisma: Despite her reputation being feared as the Control Devil, Makima is also capable using her charisma in the earlier chapters of the manga, even capable on building several relationship that really benefits her. This was shown with her interactions with one of the Devil Hunters, Makoto, when she seemingly respecting his decision to quit the Devil Hunter during the massacre or using her charisma just to trick Denji to do her bidding. Despite Kishibe's suspicions towards Makima to the point he desired to kill her, he decides not to interfere with her business due to her siding with humanity at first glance.
  • Psychic Powers: Makima has a rather strong psychic powers that could be used to brutally killing other people as if they were killed by an invisible force as she forms several symbols on her hands to do so and is able to brutally crushing people on the inside out or just murdering them by looking at the target and using her psychic power or just pointing her index finger as a psychical gun to defeat her enemies. Her brutal physic powers was shown where she performed the ritual in a shrine to kill Denji's assailants or crushing a Yakuza inside out that made him bleed. Her power was also shown to be capable to wound the Darkness Devil and she was also shown to kill Power with the same psychic gun powers that she used towards the Darkness Devil itself. In addition, she uses her psychic gun again during her fight in Chapter 88 as her psychic gun is so powerful to the point she manages to sent Chainsaw Man into space.
  • Omniscience: Being one of the strongest devils in existence and having lived for years, Makima possesses a rather omniscient level of knowledge. This is because of her powers using a low-life creatures such as rats or birds across the planet by borrowing their ears or eyes in order to gather more information. Her omniscience powers can be shown during her attempt at listening on both Quanxi and Kishibe to their conversation or knowing the names of the criminals that assaulted Denji. However, her omniscient power also has a drawback as the person who could potentially become a victim of her surveillance and omniscient powers can circumvent her powers by using papers to communicate or at the very least, communicating in other places where rats and birds are unable to see. In addition, Makima is unable to control any entity that has higher rank than her and decides to defeat them in a fight in order to make them easier to control. Her omniscient level of knowledge and memory was also shown further in Chapter 84 as she is aware of the tragedies that were erased from human history thanks to the Chainsaw Man eating the devils that causes them to cease to exists and humanity forgetting about the fears that they had possessed. As Kishibe confirms it in Chapter 93, is also shown that Makima possesses an extraordinary hearing sense which shows on how she is able to control the nature itself just to hear people's thoughts while also using it to find her potential victims.
  • Strong Sense of Smell: According to Denji, Makima has a rather strong sense of smell as she perceives other people or devils with their stench even if she doesn't remember their faces. This was further lampshaded in Chapter 2 where she says that she can tell that Denji is telling the truth due to her strong sense of smell. The power in question was used to Denji's advantage in order to defeat Makima as despite she perceives people or other devils despite their strong sense of smell, she never saw him once even from the start.
  • Teleportation: Makima is able to teleport anywhere by controlling an amount of rats so that she could be transformed into the location faster than before. This was shown during her encounter with Reze where Makima manifests herself after the rats brought her to the location where Reze is standing before meeting her last moments.
  • Controlling the Dead: While not a necromancer by any means, Makima is capable on transmit her voice into other people and controlling them whether they are still alive and dead so that she could use their contract devils to control them in order to defeat her own enemies. Her abilities can be shown when she attempts to fight the Gun Devil which resulted on Makima using several contracts of the Devil Hunters who some of them are already dead.
  • Contract Making: Despite it is stated by Aki that devils are unable to form a contract, it is shown that Makima is capable to made a contract with other devils so that they could do her bidding to fight against their enemies. However, it is shown that she also need to use her chains to enslave several people in order to make the contract making to happen. This was shown during the fight against the Gun Devil as after making several contracts with them, she then uses the stolen devils and then teleports them to the Gun Devil to destroy Gun Devil once and for all. Furthermore, her contract making abilities can be shown during Chapter 89 where she enslaves several men and also Angel Devil using her chain that came out from near the part of her womb in order to summon the Spear of Longinus to attack Kobeni and Chainsaw Man.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Being the leader of Public Safety Devil Hunter organization, Makima is surprisingly well versed in hand-to-hand combat despite being a devil that tends to use manipulation and other people to fight against her enemies. This was shown during Chapter 95 where she brutally send a No-Holds Barred Beatdown towards Denji in his Chainsaw Man form despite sometimes using her devil hunters to recover from her losses which ends with Makima knocking out Denji as she brutally rips Pochita out from Denji in order to fulfill her goal reviving Chainsaw Man again.
  • High Tolerance with Alcohol: Throughout the series, Makima is shown to be able to tolerate alcohol as she is unable to get drunk despite drinking lots of alcohol in several chapters unlike other people such as Aki, Kishibe or Himeno.


When Denji first time meeting her, Denji initially had a rather high opinion of her at first glance because Makima is the first person who shows him true kindness. Despite Denji was treated like a dog and has no hesitation to euthanize him when he rebelled against Makima's order which resulted on Denji's opinion on Makima plummeted at first due to Makima's threat, his opinion on Makima bounces back because Makima still ended up showing a kindness towards Denji after he had done his job despite she would treat him like any other devils if he decides to rebel or quitting. As the chapter went by, Denji always look upon Makima in a rather positive light as Makima coddled him by inviting him to a date or giving him what he wants, protecting him from dangers that he will face and even giving him a reason to live his life to the fullest when he was down or treating him well, even giving him several true companions along the way. When he ended up falling into his greatest despair around Chapter 80, Denji then decides to free himself from the burdened thoughts of killing his friend and wishing himself as Makima's dog at the end of the day.

However, in the end, all of the great relationship that she built with Denji for over the course of the manga were revealed to be an act all along. As it was revealed that Makima had grooming him into her perfect pawn and after his companions were murdered by Makima, it was revealed that she is nothing more than an abusive person towards Denji, even mentally abusing him by gaslighting him for the past sins he had done which resulted on him living in a miserable life while also confessing towards Denji that she is a type of a person who will make someone having a happy life at first, only to destroy it at a later time. The reason why Makima did this is not only to amuse herself, but she also did this in order destroy the bond Denji had formed with Pochita during the earliest chapters in order to make him breaking the contract with Pochita. At the end, Denji ended up becoming a broken slave who is a former shell of himself under Makima's control after Makima kills all that everything he loved just to get Denji and Pochita to break the contract.

During Chapter 93, when Denji revives back into his older self, it was then revealed that despite every horrific things that she had done towards him, Denji couldn't help himself but still liking her, even having conflicted feelings on whether he should kill her after all the things they had done together. As Denji prepares to fight against Makima and her personal army in a cemetry, Denji's resolve on killing Makima becomes clear after he asks her about the existence of bad movies in her own ideal world, alluding to their date that they had in the movie theater as they watch movies together, in which she responded by saying that she has no hesitations to purge any bad movies from existence. It is also shown that Makima has an elitist view towards Denji, perceiving him as nothing but an obstacle to meet Chainsaw Man while also perceiving him as unworthy of the title as she judges from the way he talks, his mannerisms and his appearance.

Despite defeating Makima in the end, Denji still tries to express his own twisted love towards her in his own way by eating all of her remains of her deceased body so that he could become one with her in the end to burden her own sins despite being aware that the people who died from her actions won't forgive her. In Chapter 97, her dislike towards Denji was further cemented during his discusion with Kishibe as he told him that she never cared towards him in the first place even if she uses her strong sense of smell ability in order to track him. After Makima's death and subsequent reincarnation as Nayuta with her past memories as Makima gone, Denji initially perceives her as just another annoying kid until he discovered that he was the reincarnation of Makima as Kishibe entrust him to take care of her. After hearing Pochita's wishes to fulfill Makima's dreams to feel empathy, Denji decides to mellow down towards her as he tried his best to realize her dream by embracing her and giving her tons of hugs.

Chainsaw Man/Pochita

However, for all the atrocities that she had committed towards Denji, it was then revealed that Makima herself had grown an infatuation towards the entity that was sealed in Denji's body, the Chainsaw Man, by admitting that she was a huge admirer towards the entity and it's power and tries her best to make the entity release itself from Denji's body. This is due to the fact that Makima herself is aware about the Chainsaw Man's powers on making the devils ceased to exists by just simply killing them as Makima is also aware about the human tragedies, fear and atrocities that were erased from human's mind after the Chainsaw Man devours the devils that personified their fear towards something.

The power that Chainsaw Man possesses resulted on Makima attempting to harness the Chainsaw Man's powers in order to bring a whole new better world for humanity and she doesn't really mind if she loses the battle against Chainsaw Man and getting eaten by it, claiming it was a great privilege to be eaten by the Chainsaw Man himself as she attempts to become a part of him. By the time Chapter 87 hits, it is shown that she become overjoyed to be reunited with the Chainsaw Man himself after the long battle that she had with him in the past alongside the Horsemen of the Apocalypse and the Weapon Devil while also developing a sadomasochistic tendencies towards him, seemingly happy as she was tied and will become dismembered by Chainsaw Man during the fight.

Makima can also be considered a low-key Yandere towards Chainsaw Man due to her obsession and persistence towards him trying to eat her while also experiencing a disappointment when Chainsaw Man refuses to eat her body despite being killed by him 26 times while suspecting her body isn't edible enough. Her low-key Yandere moments can also be shown when she attempts to attack Kobeni with the Spear of Longinus summoned with the power of Angel Devil itself because of the fact that Chainsaw Man hang around with Kobeni while also expressing a disappointment after seeing Chainsaw Man attempts to protect Kobeni from her attack which causes him to be gravely wounded.

Her yandere-ish attitude was further amplified in the final battle against Pochita who was disguised as Denji where she acts as a condescending person towards him as she views him to not fulfilling her criteria of what makes him the real Chainsaw Man in her books while trying to brutally rip his heart out. This Yandere behavior bites her in the back as Denji uses the moment where she was distracted admiring Chainsaw Man's heart in order to defeat her in the end.

In the end of the manga, it was then revealed that Pochita knew about Makima's own ambitions and goals to create a better world so that she could stand equal with other humans and form a familial relationships in the end due to her harsh upbringing with the Japanese government while seeing Pochita was the only entity that is on equal footing as her which in turn forming a rather toxic fanaticism towards him and trying to have a lovely life together by eating and sleeping together. However, in the end, Pochita ended up finding Makima's methods on building her ideal world to be wrong and as a result, he decided to have a philosophical chat with Makima about movies before going to battle and after Makima was defeated and reincarnated, Pochita then entrust Denji to fulfill Makima's goal by embracing her with hugs a lot so that her ideal world can be realized.

Aki Hayakawa

In the earliest chapters, it is stated that Aki had shown nothing but respect towards Makima, even saying that he would owe him his life to Makima because she is a benevolent person that also helps him through hardships after he became a Devil Hunter due to his family was tragically murdered by the Gun Devil. While initially was disappointed about his pairing with Denji, with the help of Makima, he ended up accepting it and become one of Denji's true companions. Her seeming kindness towards Aki was also shown where Makima ordered Denji and Power to visit him at the hospital after the fight against Katana Man and Akane for the first time or having Kurose or Tendo guiding Aki in order to gain a stronger devil for the future fights.

However, in the end, it was also revealed that Aki is also one of the victims of Makima's brainwashing as when the Angel Devil asked about why he loved Makima so much, it is stated that he didn't even remember a single thing. In the end, Aki himself was also ended up becoming a victim of Makima as he was nothing but a mere puppet for Makima to use and then throw it away when the deed is done, using his death so that she could guilt-trip Denji for all the seemingly horrific things he had done in the past. It was also revealed that Makima also lied towards Aki several times about the Gun Devil's whereabouts and the mission to defeat it until she revealed the truth towards Aki about the nature of the mission while also callously dismissing Aki's pleas on having the Division 4 withdrew from the mission slaying the Gun Devil for the sake of the safety for Denji and Power. By the time Chapter 89 hits, it was then revealed that Makima intentionally sacrifice Aki in order to broadcast the fight in the news in order to weaken Chainsaw Man by having the humans adoring him.


Despite their seemingly cordial relationship together as Kishibe was willing to act as Denji and Power's mentor to get them into shape with Makima's suggestion, Kishibe is one of the characters that realizes Makima is not what she seems to be. At one point after he finished training Denji and Power, Kishibe suspected that Makima is a liar when she attempts to justify herself trying to save innocent people from devils as he also suspected her being somewhat responsible of the massacre of the Devil Hunters and other inhuman things she had done in which Makima response with a smile on her face.

It was also revealed that Kishibe also had a plan to kill Makima for greater good by asking his former partner, Quanxi, to join his cause while knowing that Makima is listening to every conversation that he had. When Makima ruthlessly murders Quanxi and two of her girlfriends, Kishibe prefers not to open his blindfold to prevent himself witnessing the horror Makima has inflicted towards them. Despite this, Kishibe also prefers to not interfere with Makima's business so long as she is on the humanity side even if she commits several inhuman things that she will do to other people or animals.

During Chapter 83, Kishibe then ends up deciding to kill Makima for the greater good and then executes his plans by summoning the Hell Devil to no avail as she used Denji to defeat it. Even if Makima reveals her goal towards Kishibe that her goal is to make the world a better place for humanity by eradicating all of the devils, Kishibe still acts suspicious towards Makima, claiming that she tried to uses the Chainsaw Man powers to distort the world even further.

Although Kishibe dislikes Makima, he is aware that some of her nasty behavior come from nurture itself as it was revealed that she was raised by the government to be a ruthless, stern and no-nonsense woman in order to led the Public Safety Bureau to exterminate devils and brought a better world for humans. After discovering that the reincarnation of Makima is in China during his trip there with her past memories being erased, Kishibe decides to take her to Japan and entrust her to be nurtured by Denji so that another Makima won't resurface ever again.

Santa Claus

When Santa Claus was first appeared, it is stated by Makima that she found them to be the most dangerous of all assassins that targeted Denji or his heard as if they managed to unleash their devils towards other Devil Hunters and Makima, it's all over for them as they were also going to inflict a potential large number of deaths. This was proven to be true as Santa Claus themselves turned innocent civilians into mindless attacking dolls to do their own bidding while also revealing themselves that they had made contract with a lot of devil including the formidable primal devil, Darkness Devil while also transporting several people in the department store into hell. As Santa Claus reveals her true identity, it was revealed that she holds a deep seed hatred towards Makima as she attempts to murder her which resulted on Santa Claus dealing with the Darkness Devil to gain ultimate power. It was revealed that both Santa Claus and Makima are both archenemies and are competing towards an unknown goal.

Other Devil Hunters

Most of the Devil Hunters work for Makima under respect and fear. The latter personality can be shown when some of the Devil Hunters in Kyoto Division, Kurose and Tendo, were absolutely terrified and nervous when it comes to talking with Makima herself or the former devil hunter turned into mercenary for the Gun Devil, Akane Sawatari, expresses her fear with Makima and her powers after seeing Makima brutally murdered her accomplices with her own devilish powers and even warning his other accomplice, Katana Man, as there is no way for them to run against Makima.

She does however, shows a bit of a soft spot towards one of the Devil Hunters, Madoka, who ended up quitting after surviving the Devil Hunter massacre that were committed by the Gun Devil followers by giving him a paycheck when he quits the job. However, at the same time, she also shows a bit of ruthlessness towards the former devil hunter turned mercenary who ended up targeting Denji, Quanxi, as she decapitates both Quanxi and her girlfriend mercilessly despite her attempt to surrender and asks Makima to spare her girlfriends so that they could have better lives which resulted on Kishibe having no choice but to blindfold himself to prevent seeing the horror Makima will inflicts.

In later chapters however, it was then revealed that all of the devil hunters were revealed to be her pawns to be used to further her own plans at the end such as intentionally arranging the fight against Aki and Denji in order to make the humanity support for Chainsaw Man even stronger than before as an attempt to weaken him. In addition, she has no hesitations to dispose everyone who gets in her way such as Kobeni as she found out that Kobeni hung around with Chainsaw Man which resulted on her attempting to attack Kobeni with the Spear of Longinus she had summoned before Chainsaw Man attempts to protect her and resulted on him gravely wounded, much to Makima's disappointment. Her personality seeing them as nothing but thing to dispose was shown during the final battle as she uses their bodies in order to defend herself against Chainsaw Man attacks and regenerate her bodies.

Japanese Government or Bureau Members

In the earlier chapters of the manga, it is shown that Makima was working with the upper echelons of the bureau which is revealed to be the Japanese government by reporting the mission for hunting the Gun Devil and it's setbacks such as the intense relations between the other countries and Japan in order to gain more fragment to be stored by the Government. Later chapters shows that she is dedicated to her mission to make Japan the most powerful country on Earth by gaining several gun devil fragments even if she's going to wage war against the other countrie. At one point, she also reported the incident regarding Katana Man and Akane Sawatari and the members of the Yakuza that were involved in the incident.

In later chapters, it is shown that her relationship between the government were much more deeper than that as it was revealed that Makima made a contract with the Japanese Prime Minister as both of them had an intertwined agenda with each other: Become humanity's savior by using the Chainsaw Man's powers in order to eradicate all of the devil from the existence of the human world which would get rid of all of the fear, tragedies or atrocities that plagued humanity for all the entirety of it's history. However, due to the contract that Prime Minister had made, if Makima was attacked, the Japanese civilians will going to be inflicted by illness or having their death dismissed as nothing but accidents.

Despite their professional relationships, Makima is shown intensely dislikes them. This was justified due to her upbringing by the Japanese government to become a ruthless, cold and no-nonsense woman to become the leader of the Public Safety Bureau in order to exterminate all of the devils in the world and bring the better world for humans to live. This resulted on Makima trying to make a world where she is equal with other people and yearning something like a familial relationship while also developing a rather toxic obsession towards Chainsaw Man himself. Her dislike towards the members of the Japanese government or the bureau can be traced back in Chapter 22 where Makima expresses her displeasure meeting with the Kyoto Bigwigs as she perceives them as scary while wanting to eat her food peacefully.

Other Devils

Most of the other devils in the manga either feared her or respected her as this was revealed that some of the devils managed to work with her after they were managed to be captured by Makima were either doing this on their own volition such as Power who attempts to save her cat or was forced to work cdue to the brainwashing that she inflicts towards them. This is because Makima is their antithesis in terms of personality with Makima emphasizing her lawful evil personality with the devil mostly tends to be chaotic evil. However, at the same time, she also holds a grudge towards them and has the intentions to get rid of the bigger Devils such as Death, Famine and War by using the Chainsaw Man in order to bring a better world for its people and fulfill the request of the Japanese Prime Minister. To further her own goals, she also has no hesitation to kill other devils or brainwash other devils to do her bidding.

Her ruthlessness on killing other devils to further her own plans was best shown when she mercilessly kills Power with her psychic gun powers who tries to brought a birthday cake for Denji to Makima's apartment in order to celebrate his birthday in order to make Denji suffer and experiencing a BSOD as she attempts to destroy Denji's life just to summon Chainsaw Man itself.

Her brainwashing abilities towards a devil was best shown towards the Angel Devil where she ordered him to massacre the people from the village that he resides while also attempting to seal the memories for good to make him easier to control and when the Angel Devil manages to regain his memories, Makima then brainwashes him as a last resort for damage control purposes. Another example of how she manages to brainwash other people is when she manages to revive Reze and Quanxi and then brainwashes them to join her side, the same can be said of the still alive Katana Man as they were forced to join Makima's new division alongside other hybrid devils just to defeat Chainsaw Man. This is due to the fact that Makima's brainwashing abilities works towards the creatures that she considered beneath her.

At one point, it is also revealed that she is aware about the Devils whose name are based on the hierarchy of Biblical Angels as she used them to protect Denji as they waited for the Day of Rebirth. In the end, if some of the Devils decided to quit or going against her, she has no hesitation to treat them like other devils by murdering them in the end.

Humanity itself

Makima views herself as a kindhearted savior towards humanity, even telling Kishibe that all of the bad deeds that she had done was on the best interests for the humanity itself as she attempts to save humans from the devils that attempts to attack them which rings true despite Kishibe viewing her as a liar due to the events of Chapter 84 as her goal were intertwined by the Japanese Prime Minister to whom she made a contract with as she attempts to defeat the Chainsaw Man in order to harness his power to eradicate all of the devils from the existence of the human world which would get rid of all of the fear, tragedies or atrocities that plagued humanity for all the entirety of it's history.

However, it was revealed that Makima also holds a rather sociopathic tendency in terms of her relationship with humanity as it was revealed during Chapter 89 that she views her love with humans as similar as humans fondness for dogs, ever perceiving them as one because of their loyal, easily handled, clever and stupid behavior which amuses Makima. In addition, Makima also basks in the humanity's adoration and praises of her as if she was a goddess which made her happy.

At the same time however, Makima's goal on building a better world for the humans is still genuine because of the fact that she wants to build a world where she is equal with others and at the very least, wanting to experience a familial bond towards other people due to her rather harsh upbringing from the Japanese government itself who never teach her love and compassion in the first place and molds her into a monster that she is today. Although her goal is well-intentioned, in the end, she was feared by the humanity itself ever since the earliest history of mankind due to her concept devil embodying the loss of free-will.


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