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Born into a famous Samurai family, Makie accidentally brought great shame upon her family. As a child she had been surrounded by fierce wild dogs. Her elder brother, who should have inherited his father's acclaimed swordsmanship, failed to protect her. Instead, she picked up the bladed weapon and protected her older brother leaving a trail of sliced canine bodies behind her. The public revelation that the little girl had inherited her father's skills instead of the eldest son was shameful, and drove her brother to commit seppuku (honourable suicide by disemboweling one's own stomach). This added disgrace drove her father, Harukawa, mad with rage. Both Makie and her mother were outcast and disowned by Harukawa.

Reluctant Assassin

Makie's mother became a prostitute, but Makie herself was determined to restore their honour with her fighting skills. However, she soon discovered that she could not deliver the killing blow when she lost her concentration in battle. Therefore she resorted to the life of a geisha, playing the shamisen as a musical accompaniment in the brothel.

Unlike traditional high-class geisha, Makie was also a prostitute. It was here that she met and fell in love with Anotsu Kagehisa, the leader of the murderous Ittō-ryū. Anostu was a powerful leader and fighter, but his skills were no match for Makie's. Despite promising to make her his wife, Anotsu never fulfilled his promise. Makie commented that it was because he saw her more of a soldier, than as a wife. Anotsu was aware that Makie was his superior in battle.

After he became aware of Manji & Rin's quest to kill him he personally approached Makie and asked her to fight Manji. When she first approached Manji, it was under the illusion that she was a prostitute. She offered herself to him, causing him to rudely send Rin away. However, once Makie and Manji had moved down a quiet side street, she opened her shamisen to reveal a hidden glaive.

A unique weapon with blades at both end, it was jointed in two places causing the pole to be split into three sections and therefore wrap around the back of her body and be held almost as two spears. Despite Manji's plethora of personal blades and swords, his skill was put to the test. They fought across the backstreets and even on the rooftop. However, Makie lost her concentration and was unable to mortally wound Manji.

After the fight she spoke to Anotsu, but walked away from him.


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