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    Gadgeteer mercenary. Enemy of Deadpool and the Thunderbolts

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    Makeshift was a member of the Executive Elite, who took a contract from Nyko to track down Deadpool and retrieve information of Tolliver's will. Black Box later created multiple clones of Makeshift. The clones (along with clones of Rive) attacked Cable, Deadpool, B.A.D. Girls, Inc. and the Cat - hoping to stop them getting the Dominus Objective. The Makeshift clones failed after their cloning devices were destroyed and all but one Makeshift clone was killed.

    Alternate Versions


    Another version of Makeshift was a mercenary on Counter-Earth. She worked as a member of Baron Heinrich Zemo's Counter-Earth Thunderbolts. When the Thunderbolts from the original earth were sent to Counter-Earth by the actions of Graviton, they discovered that the Counter-Earth T-Bolts planned on using satellites to control all communications technology on Counter-Earth. When Fixer infiltrated their headquarters, he electrocuted Makeshift, and considered using her as a replacement form for the disembodied consciousness of Helmut Zemo, but Helmut objected to the form because of her gender and race. When the Counter-Earth Thunderbolts attacked their counterparts, Makeshift was promptly incapacitated by MACH-3.


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