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    Reed Richards of the Ultimate Universe (Earth-1610). Once the leader of that universe's Fantastic Four. He is now known as Maker and a version of him resides on every universe in the multiverse after the events of Secret Wars.

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    In the Ultimate universe, Mr. Fantastic is 20 years younger than his mainstream counterpart and is the leader of The Fantastic Four. He is also insane.

    Unlike his 616 counter part, he is born in a normal family but with extremely gifted intellect at his early ages. He have shown to teleport objects into N-zone before any scientist on Earth could.

    The accident involving a N-zone experiment replaced Reed's cells to a single cell which could duplicate most human body's function, which allow him to stretch any part of his body, he also could stretch his brain to further improve his intelligence and ability to muti-task.


    Reed Richards of the ultimate universe was created by Mark Miller and, Adam Kubert first appeared in Ultimate Fantastic Four issue 1 (2004), based on the character created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. He first appeared as The Maker in Ultimate Fallout issue 4 (2011)

    Major Story Arcs


    Following the events of Ultimatum, the Fantastic Four disbanded. Similarly, Sue and Reed ended their relationship. Reed ends up moving back in with his parents.

    Ultimate Doom Trilogy

    Ultimate Reed
    Ultimate Reed

    Reed Richards, ex-leader of the world famous Fantastic Four, now lives with his parents and his father is not happy about that especially since he has no job to contribute to the family. After being brutally woken up by his father, Reed's computer detects an energy flux, and then somebody's at the door. Even though Reed warns his father not to open the door, he opens it, and a purple, cloud-like explosion happens inside the Richard's home.

    As Reed appeared to have died during the explosion at his home, the remaining Fantastic Four mourn his death. However, it is revealed that Reed did not perish in the explosion. In fact, he is responsible for the explosion as well as the rest of the attacks at Roxxon, the Baxter Building, etc. Reed's plot is discovered by Sue Storm, who confronts him. Sue is quickly beaten by Reed.

    Reed is now convinced that he has figured out how the world should be and is willing to do what he thinks is right, regardless of the consequences. Reed is currently planning to implement his intended changes, and a team consisting of Sue and Johnny Storm, Ben Grimm, Spider-Man, Spider-woman, Carol Danvers, Nick Fury, and Captain Mar-Vell intend to stop him. When they find him, they don't give him the chance to explain himself. Johnny burns him with a fire blast that burns the right side side of his face, and made his right arm stop working. When the heroes destroyed his lab, Reed was flung into the Negative Zone.

    Ultimate Comics: The Ultimates

    The Maker revealed
    The Maker revealed

    Reed has since made his way back from the Negative Zone, and taken over most of the European Union, with the help of his latest creation, "The Children." There they set up shop in what is known as "The Dome." As a defense Reed sent a warhead to Washington destroying it along with most of the U.S Government and President. He was ultimately defeated and captured.

    Reed later escaped from captivity and formed the Dark Ultimates, a group consisting of himself, the Hulk, Quicksilver, and Kang the Conqueror. Using the Infinity Gems, the group formed the Infinity Gauntlets and used their power to defeat the Ultimates and conquer the planet in order to prove they could do a better job saving the world. They ended up being defeated after the gems were shattered, and Reed was once again imprisoned.

    During the Cataclysm crisis, Reed returned and partnered with Miles Morales to travel to Earth-616 to find info about Galactus. While there, he met Valeria Richards and learned that in this reality, he was still a respected hero and had married Sue. This revelation seemed to bring out the good in Reed, and he helped the Ultimates trap Galactus in the N-Zone.

    With his reputation restored, Reed partnered with Nick Fury to revamp the Ultimates Initiative and protect the world more efficiently. This proved to be a ruse, as Reed had only feigned a return to the light so that he could continue his own shadowy plans. During a trip across dimensions, he encountered Thanos and the Cabal of Earth-616.

    Secret Wars

    Reed vs Reed on Battleworld
    Reed vs Reed on Battleworld

    Richards, still under the guise of The Maker, learns of the incursions that are incoming and begins to manipulate The Ultimates into prematurely attacking Earth-616, in the hopes that he can use it to his advantage. He is still working with Earth-616's Cabal at this point, and Thanos points out that "There is no saving anything. No victory to be had. No victory of any kind. So why lie to them?" Richards proceeds with his plan and deploys his "doomsday weapon." This attempt to defeat Earth-616 is futile though, and Richards is powerless to stop the incursion from destroying both universes.

    Richards and The Cabal are only able to escape by using a raft designed for the exact circumstances of the incursions completion. Years after Battleworld is created, The Cabal emerge from the raft and made a target of the Thor Corps, the de facto police force of Battleworld, and Doctor Doom, Battleworld's sovereign ruler. Doctor Strange, sheriff and right hand man to Doom, notices the presence of this Reed and 616's Reed and teleports both of them away before Doom could do anything to them.

    Together, the Reeds make a plan to take Doom out. They sneak into his castle while fellow heroes try to fight him head on. There, they find his power source, The Molecule Man. Upon finding him, Reed try to turn on his 616 counterpart, but Molecule Man sided with that Reed and ripped the Maker into pieces. 616 Reed plan to recreate the multiverse by similarly slicing Molecule Man and using him as the basis of each new universe.

    As the Molecule Man powered up Reed's new Multiverse, he placed a sliver of the Maker in every reality, leading to the presence of the Maker's mind spread throughout every universe as a single mind inhabiting a different body for each reality.


    Sunspot vs Maker
    Sunspot vs Maker

    After he was splintered in Battleworld, Maker briefly existed outside of time and space. He witnessed Eternity chained up and believed it was a poor omen for the survival of the known multiverse. When Molecule Man was splintered to create new individual universes of the multiverse, he included the splinters of Maker on each world, remade into a full body with a hive mind. He obsessed with the Prime Universe, Earth-616, the first of the new worlds to be born and the new center of the multiverse. His grand plan was to unite the multiverse as a single stronger Eternity to stand strong against a coming war.

    His first act was to align himself with the science-centered terrorist organization, W.H.I.S.P.E.R., however, this put him in direct conflict with Sunspot’s new version of A.I.M., Avengers Idea Mechanics, and its New Avengers field team. When these Avengers found themselves at odds with SHIELD, Maker saw an opportunity to strike. Unfortunately for him, Songbird and Sunspot were playing SHIELD to force them to strike against WHISPER.

    In retaliation, Maker sent his own superteam, The New Revengers, to keep the New Avengers busy while he teleported onto Air Force One to kidnap The President to ransom the resources he needs. Sunspot was ahead of him yet again. Maker found himself on a fake Air Force One with Sunspot disguised as The President. He would deliver Maker to the authorities who locked him in a special prison cell.

    Eternity War

    Maker's intentions are clear
    Maker's intentions are clear

    Because his Earth-616 body was locked up in a cell on a planet that also had a portal-proof force field thanks to the Secret Empire, Maker had a neighboring universe’s body hopped to the Counter-Earth of 616 to ask the High Evolutionary for his help uniting the multiverse. Using High Evolutionary’s equipment, Maker looks into the Superflow, the informational space between universes. Through his viewer, he sees existential concepts, including Galactus, fighting the Aspirants and their leader, The First Firmament, the personification of the first cosmos, who is holding Eternity captive. By siphoning and commanding the energies of the Aspirants, Maker is able to pull back the Superflow and allow the variant Earths to exist in the same space, strengthening Eternity. However, The First Firmament was still able to overwhelm Eternity now that it was even more like the First Firmament, a cosmos made of a single universe.

    The Ultimates, being the current heralds of Galactus and stuck outside the Hydra force field, came to his rescue. Ms. America teleported them to Counter-Earth to confront Maker. Maker tried using the variants of the Ultimates from his home universe as protectors, but they were easily swayed by the 616 Ultimates to turn on Maker. Monica Rambeau used her control of the electromagnetic spectrum to reduce Maker’s body to absolute zero, which was then shattered by the High Evolutionary for his insolence. The combined intellect and power of the Ultimates was enough to reverse the destruction of the Superflow. Transforming Eternity back into a multiversal cosmos made it indigestible to the First Firmament, and the personifications of the second through seventh cosmos came to Eternity’s security.

    The Ultimates from Earth-1610 swore to hunt The Maker’s other bodies across the new multiverse.

    Project: Oversight

    Experimenting on Venom
    Experimenting on Venom

    Maker had submitted for membership to the Council of Reeds, however, the council could not accept his submission due to the fact that Maker had left his original universe in such disarray. They charged him with a mission to return, under the name Project: Oversight. Maker easily created the gateway capable of getting back to the Ultimate universe, but no human could survive crossing through it. He noticed that part of the Ultimate Venom symbiote had crossed over into his world. Maker believed if he could bond with the Venom symbiote, it would shield him during the journey.

    Around this time, Eddie Brock started his long feud with Knull, the primordial god of the symbiotes, the first confrontation being a run-in with a Grendel Dragon. After the dragon was defeated, Maker would take a sample of the dragon to merge with his universe’s symbiote. When it was stolen, Maker believed Eddie to be the thief and sent henchmen to retrieve him, causing Eddie’s Venom to go feral now that it was brain dead following its fight with the dragon. Maker believed he could reverse the trauma to the symbiote using a codex, a symbiote matter from a blood sample of late Venom host, Flash Thompson, to connect it to the symbiote hive mind. When he suggested exhuming Flash’s body for more DNA samples, Venom went feral and ran away in anger.

    Maker would bide his time until Dylan Brock, the son Eddie never knew he had, brought Eddie to the hospital when he started showing symptoms of cancer, causing Venom to cocoon him. Maker made sure to meet them at the hospital so that he could continue to study the symbiote and Eddie’s connection to it. Before he could learn anything, Venom lashed out, tying up Maker and parting ways with Eddie without a fight for his own good.

    Absolute Carnage

    Maker as the new Hybrid
    Maker as the new Hybrid

    When Carnage was resurrected by a cult who worships Knull with the Grendel sample stolen from Maker, Carnage starts harvesting codexes from former symbiote hosts. Venom, Dylan, and Spider-Man reached out to Maker knowing he too had research for extracting codexes. Spider-Man needed Maker to extract the Carnage codex from Normie Osborn, however, Maker made it clear his machine was untested. Instead, Spider-Man and Venom go to secure Norman Osborn so that he could be the first test subject. Maker had finished before they returned though, so he attempted to test it on Normie after all.

    Under orders by Carnage, the Life Foundation Five (minus Scream) showed up to kidnap Dylan and Normie. Maker did his best to protect the boys, still needing them for his experiments. Using sonic weaponry, he successfully removed the symbiotes (including Sleeper who showed up to help the boys) from their hosts and contained them in stasis pods. Dylan no longer trusted Maker though, so when he tried to shoot his and Normie’s way out of Maker’s lab, he accidentally released the symbiotes. Combining into a new Hybrid, they bonded to Maker and turned on the kids.

    As he chased them into the streets, Maker/Hybrid were attacked by allies of Spider-Man. Using sonic and fire arrows, Hawkeye was able to detach the symbiotes from Maker, who snuck away from the heroes in the sewer system.

    Return to the Ultimate Universe

    Home Sweet Home
    Home Sweet Home

    Dylan Brock started to exhibit new powers related to symbiotes. Desperate, Eddie brings him to Maker hoping to get answers, despite not trusting him. Maker refuses to help him though. After all the experiments he performed, he learned enough to revitalize the symbiote he retrieved from his home universe and was currently preparing to use his gateway to return home.

    Just then, they were attacked by Scorpion, calling himself Virus and wearing a suit of armor armed with anti-symbiote weaponry. He wanted vengeance against Venom. In the ensuing fight, the portal is activated by mistake. The four of them were sucked into the multiverse, with Maker being deposited back on his home universe.

    He found it in desperate need of his help, and he was more than willing to take on the challenge.

    Ultimate Invasion

    Maker's injury
    Maker's injury

    The body of The Maker who fought against Sunspot was locked up in a Damage Control prison on Earth-616. After orchestrating an escape, he stole technology from each of the members of The Illuminati. He did this with very little care so as to tip each of them off, believing their intelligence necessitated spelling it out. Combining that technology, he traveled to Earth-6160 and prevented the spider from biting that world's Peter Parker. He continued reorganizing time and reality so that Earth's mightiest heroes were adjusted to his liking using the Immortus Engine, a time machine Maker believes was built by Howard Stark. Unfortunately, during these time trips, he was severely injured and his memories were affected.

    Due to his amnesia, Maker convinces Howard to work for him and fix the Immortus Engine by inviting the leaders of the seven sovereign nations to his new City in Latveria, where they are attacked by clones of The Ultimates from the future, led by this universe's Kang. Working with Howard was Earth-6160 version of Reed, who wore a Doctor Doom mask. Howard and Reed finish their work on the Immortus Engine but agree that the Maker is too dangerous to have it. Instead, they set him up by sabotaging the shield surrounding The City. First, they had the shield fail so that it would be attacked by Kang and his clone army again, and then, they had the shield come back but locked on, trapping The Maker and others inside.

    Character Profile

    • Height: 6'1"
    • Weight: 170 lbs
    • Eye Color: Blue
    • Hair Color: Brown
    • Citizenship: American
    • Place of Birth: Queens, New York City, NY
    • Marital Status: Single
    • Occupation: Scientist, terrorist; formerly adventurer
    • Known Relatives: Gary Richards (father), Mary Richards (mother), Enid Richards (sister, deceased), unnamed sister
    • Distinguishing Features: The right side of his face is disfigured and the back of his skull is usually warped and overgrown. These features vary from body to body now that he had been copied across the mutliverse. He has no internal organs.

    Powers & Abilities

    Elasticity: Reed's cells have been replaced with "pliable bacterial stacks," single cells which duplicate most of the larger functions of the human body. This allows Reed to stretch his body in myriad ways without disrupting the necessary functions of internal organs such as the heart, kidneys, muscles, or even brain.

    Immortal: Reed's body does not age, require nourishment or excrete waste, lacks any need for a vascular system or oxygen, has survived in vacuums, and possibly fails the definition of being alive.

    Intelligence: Reed was one of the smartest people before his accident however after Reed's abilities allow him to stretch his brain in order to accommodate and solve almost any problem, thus making him effectively a human computer.

    Multiversal Omnipresence: After the multiverse was recreated Molecule Man placed a sliver of The Maker in every universe all sharing a single consciousness.

    Symbiote: Reed is bonded to the Venom symbiote from his reality.


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